Ameriška bančna industrija v nemiru: Celovit pogled na "veliko konsolidacijo" in največje bančne propade 2023

2023 has been a rollercoaster ride for the U.S. banking industry. The collapse of three major banks has sent shockwaves through the financial world, with their combined assets surpassing the top 25 banks that crumbled in 2008. The following is a

Syria Urges BRICS to Lead in Ditching Dollar, Talks Yuan Adoption With China

BRICS nations can lead efforts to abandon the U.S. dollar in international settlements, according to President Bashar Assad of Syria. At a meeting with China’s top diplomat for the region, the leader of the war-torn Middle Eastern country called for using

World’s Largest Regional Organization to Switch to Settlements in National Currencies

A China-led regional organization that covers more than half of Eurasia intends to transition to settlements in the currencies of its members. While the plan is to abandon the U.S. dollar in mutual payments, participating nations are yet to consider a

With Close to 10 Billion Stablecoins Redeemed, BUSD’s Supply Drops to Lowest Level Since April 2021

Statistics recorded on April 15, 2023, show that the number of coins in circulation for the stablecoin BUSD dropped below the 7 billion range to 6.68 milijarde, marking the lowest number of BUSD in circulation since April 2021. Nadalje, data indicates

Warren Buffett Likens Bitcoin to Gambling and Chain Letters in Recent Interview

Finance mogul Warren Buffett, one of the most successful investors in history, discussed bitcoin during an interview on CNBCs Squawk Box on April 12. As he has done in previous interviews, the business magnate likened bitcoin to a gambling scheme and

Nakupi Cleanspark 45,000 Naprave za rudarjenje bitcoinov, Dodajanje 6.3 EH/s trenutni floti

V torek, podjetje za rudarjenje bitcoinov Cleanspark je objavilo, da je kupilo 45,000 Naprave za rudarjenje bitcoinov Antminer S19 XP za skupno ceno $144.9 milijonov. Cleanspark je izjavil, da bo nova flota dodala 6.3 exahash na sekundo (EH/s) of computational

Dollar to Play Lesser Role Due to Its Weaponization, Digital Currencies, Economist Jeffrey Sachs Says

Within the next decade, ZDA. dollar will play a much less dominant role than it is today, according to Jeffrey Sachs. The renowned economist listed a few factors for the diminishing status of the greenback such as its use as

Core Inflation on Upward Trend, Further Rate Hikes Expected, ECB Execs Say

Amid underlying inflationary pressures, further interest rate increases may still be needed, members of the European Central Bank’s Governing Council have admitted. Ob istem času, the cycle with the highest hikes may soon be over, the officials indicated. End of

Težavnost Bitcoina je po četrtem zaporednem povečanju dosegla novo najvišjo vrednost vseh časov

aprila 6, 2023, Težave Bitcoina so se povečale 2.23% višje pri višini bloka 784,224, dotaknil še en rekord vseh časov. To je četrto zaporedno povečanje težav v omrežju Bitcoin od februarja. 24, in trenutna težava protokola je 47.89 bilijon, which is only

Microstrategy's Bitcoin Holdings Reach 140,000 BTC po pridobitvi 1,045 Več bitcoinov

Nine days after publicly listed company Microstrategy purchased 6,455 bitcoins, podjetje’s CEO, Michael Saylor, announced the purchase of an additional 1,045 bitcoins. The business intelligence (BI) company now holds a total of 140,000 bitcoins, vredno $3.97 milijarde. Microstrategy Buys Another