Bitcoin Miner Cleanspark Completes Sandersville Facility Acquisition, Firm’s Hashrate Now 4.7 Exahash

On October 11, the publicly-listed bitcoin miner Cleanspark announced that it has completed the acquisition of Mawson Infrastructure Groups Georgia-based bitcoin mining facility. Following the acquisition, Cleanspark says it now manages 220 megavatov (MW) of bitcoin miners with a hashrate of

Javno uvrščeni Bitcoin Miner Cleanspark preseže hashrate 3 Exahash, Podjetje beleži visoko dnevno proizvodnjo 13.25 BTC

Bitcoin miner Cleanspark says it experienced accelerated growth amid the crypto winter this year and the operations hashrate has surpassed 3 exahash na sekundo (EH/s), tripling in less than twelve monthstime. The news follows a number of expansions bitcoin mining

Uporabljena veriga blokov spremeni ime, Sklene kupoprodajno pogodbo za zemljišče v Severni Dakoti

This week the mining operation Applied Blockchain announced that it is changing its company name to Applied Digital. Nadalje, the mining operation released 2022 financial results and operational updates that noted that the mining firm entered a purchase agreement on August

"Priložnosti brez primere" - pridobi Cleanspark 1,061 Bitcoin rudarji po 'znižani ceni'

V četrtek, the publicly-listed bitcoin mining firm Cleanspark announced that it added 93 petahash per second (PH/s) of hashpower to the companys existing operations by acquiring 1,061 Whatsminer M30S bitcoin mining rigs. The latest ASIC acquisition follows Cleansparks recent purchase contract

Bitcoin Mining Company Cleanspark to Kick-Start 20 MW Immersion Cooling Initiative

Cleanspark, a sustainability-focused bitcoin mining company, has announced it will kick-start a 20 MW initiative in its Norcross bitcoin mining facility where miners will be cooled via immersion. The company will host more than 5,900 miners in this facility, which will