Noble Partners With Circle Financial to Integrate USDC on Cosmos Blockchain

According to the token protocol startup Noble, the second-largest stablecoin, USDC, will be integrated into the Cosmos blockchain, as the company has partnered with Circle Financial for the rollout. Noble details that the integration will give access to Circle’s USDC stablecoin

Innovations Help to Substantially Reduce the Gap Between Decentralized and Centralized Exchanges — Dexalot COO

While centralized exchanges are thought to be safer and more efficient, proponents of decentralized platforms like Tim Shan insist that user experience on decentralized exchanges has improved. Poleg tega, inherent benefits associated with decentralized exchanges such as the self-custody of assets

Največji premiki: SHIB Remains Near Recent Highs as Crypto Markets Fall on Monday

Shiba inu has been relatively stable to start the week, as prices remained close to recent highs, despite Monday’s market sell-off. Cryptocurrencies were mostly lower in today’s session, as markets continued to react to historically low U.S. unemployment figures. Avalanche was

Smart Contract Tokens, Defi Economy See Strong Growth, Market Capitalization Swells by $78 Billion in 30 Dnevi

Smart contract tokens and the decentralized finance economy have been on a tear during the last month, gaining against the U.S. dolar. The market capitalization of the smart contract platform token economy has swelled by $78 billion over the last 30

Prodaja NFT ta teden je poskočila 27% višje, Cryptopunks Rise Above Bored Apes

dne dec. 14, 2022, statistika kaže, da nezamenljivi žeton (NFT) prodaja poskočila 27.72% višja od prodaje NFT, zabeležene prejšnji teden. Jahtni klub Bored Ape (BAYC) Zbirka NFT je zajela največ prodaje ta teden, vendar v sredo popoldne, tlorisna vrednost…

Zdrs prodaje NFT tega tedna 5% Nižje kot prejšnji teden, Obračunana prodaja Ethereum NFT 76.8% zvezka

V ponedeljek, dec. 5, 2022, tržni podatki kažejo, da nezamenljivi žeton (NFT) prodaja padla 5.23% nižja od prodaje prejšnji teden kljub a 15.16% povečanje kupcev NFT. Izven $112.70 milijonov v obsegu prodaje NFT v zadnjem tednu, Temelji na Ethereumu…

Prodaja NFT je poskočila 22% Višje ta mesec z $568 Milijoni prodanih NFT-jev 20 Blockchains

Nezamenljiv žeton (NFT) prodaja se je v zadnjem mesecu izboljšala, saj 30-dnevna statistika kaže, da prodaja NFT raste 22.37% višji kot prejšnji mesec. V zadnjih sedmih dneh, Prodaja NFT raste 5.13% višje kot prejšnji teden. Dodatno,…

Tether Reveals USDT Stablecoin Is Now Supported by Polkadot

Tether is now live on 15 different blockchain networks, according to the companys latest announcement on Friday as the firm detailed that it is now supported by the Polkadot blockchain system. The stablecoins new support follows the token being added to

Near Protocol podpira Tether USDT, Stablecoin zdaj gostuje na 14 Blockchain omrežja

V ponedeljek, the stablecoin issuer Tether Operations Limited announced that the stablecoin tether is now supported by the Near blockchain network. Following a number of recent implementations, Near will be the 14th blockchain network that hosts the largest stablecoin by market

Skupnost Apecoin glasuje o ohranitvi žetona APE v ekosistemu Ethereum

The Apecoin community is in the midst of discussing whether or not the crypto asset should remain within the Ethereum ecosystem. While AIP-41 voting started today, the proposals voting process will end on June 8, 2022, pri 9 popoldne. (ET). medtem,…