Arbitrum-Based Vest Exchange Emerges, Aims to Democratize Perpetual Futures

A new decentralized exchange (dex) on Arbitrum, called Vest Exchange, was announced this past weekend, and the team that created the project said the platform aims to focus on democratizing perpetual futures. The team behind Vest further detailed that the new

Lido Protocol Reveals Plans for Withdrawal Feature Ahead of Ethereum’s Shanghai Hard Fork

While the Ethereum community prepares for the upcoming Shanghai hard fork in March, the development team for the liquid staking project Lido revealed plans to create an in-protocol withdrawal feature. Lido’s team is seeking community feedback on the proposal that would

Vrednost, zaklenjena v Lido, naraste pred združitvijo Ethereuma, Skoki žetonov LDO 23% Višje v 7 Dnevi

In eight days Ethereum is planning to undergo one of the most intensive upgrades since the DAO hard fork in 2016, as The Merge aims to change the networks consensus mechanism from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoS). Amid the lead-up to

100-Year-Old Pennsylvania-Based Bank Approved to Leverage Makerdao’s Stablecoin Vault

Makerdao, the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that issues the stablecoin DAI, approved a governance proposal that providescollateral integration from a U.S.-based bank.The Makerdao governance proposal passed by a majority vote of more than 87%, and it gives the U.S….

Začetki Solana Ventures $100 Milijonski sklad, osredotočen na projekte Web3 v Južni Koreji

Solana Ventures je razkrila lansiranje a $100 milijonski sklad, namenjen zagonskim podjetjem Web3 v Južni Koreji. According to Solana Labsgeneral manager Johnny Lee, kapital bo namenjen nezamenljivim žetonom (NFT-ji), decentralizirane finance (defi), in financiranje iger…

Value Locked in Decentralized Finance Slides 17% Lower Over the Last 30 Dnevi

The value locked in decentralized finance (defi) protocols has lost 17.77% nad zadnjim 30 dnevi, falling from $221.67 billion to today’s $182.27 milijarde. Poleg tega, statistics show the total value locked (TVL) across a broad range of defi protocols shed significant

Value Locked in Defi Slips 10% v 4 Dnevi, Ethereum TVL Dominates at 58%

Pred štirimi dnevi, the total value locked (TVL) v decentraliziranih financah (defi) was coasting along at $255.84 billion and since then, the TVL has dropped ​​8.55% in value. Med zadnjim 24 ure, the TVL has slid 2.80%, and Curves $23

Value Locked in Defi Continues to Slide, ETH Defi Dominates by 65%, Solana Transactions Reign

The total value locked (TVL) in decentralized finance has slid 15.63% since the metrics all-time high of $275 billion sixteen days ago on December 1. Since the end of the first week of December, the TVL is down 7.19% lower with

Value Locked in Defi Slips 5% v 24 Ure, AMM and Rebase Tokens Take Double-Digit Losses

Since mid-November the total value locked (TVL) v decentraliziranih financah (defi) has slid from $257 billion to $250.55 billion and during the last 24 hours it lost a touch more than 5%. Over the last seven days, defi tokens like uniswap,…

Cross-Chain Bridges That Connect 5 Different Blockchains to Ethereum

During the last few months, cross-chain bridge technology has grown a great deal and users can now swap assets between a myriad of networks. Danes, between eight different bridges there’s $7.6 billion total-value locked across these platforms. Cross-Chain Bridges