Bitcoin Miners Discovered 53,240 Blocks This Year, Foundry Led the Pack, Hashrate Tapped an All-Time High

As the new year approaches, more than a dozen bitcoin mining pools still dedicate a total of 238 exahash na sekundo (EH/s) toward the Bitcoin blockchain in order to secure the network and reap mining rewards. Statistics indicate that the mining

Zmogljivost Bitcoina ostaja visoka, Gor 163% v 5 meseci, Foundry USA vodi vrh rudarskega bazena

The hashpower behind the Bitcoin network has continued to stay above the 180 exahash na sekundo (EH/s) zone after recently reaching a lifetime high. Five months ago the hashrate tapped a low at 69 EH/s and since then, the hashpower has

Bitcoin Hashrate raste kljub padcu cene, Mystery Hashpower se vrača

Bitcoin’s hashrate has increased a great deal, even after the leading crypto assets price slipped below the $50K price zone. Eight days ago the network hashrate was coasting along at 168 exahash na sekundo (EH/s), and this past week it increased