Največji premiki: LTC, SOL V ponedeljek se povzpnite na 1-tedenske najvišje vrednosti

Solana je v ponedeljek razširil nedavne dobičke, ko se je žeton dvignil na najvišjo vrednost v enem tednu, po nedavnih padcih. Žeton je padel pod $20.00 ravni prejšnji teden, ko je rdeči val zadel trge kriptovalut. Litecoin je bil tudi danes višji, plezanje po skoraj…

Največji premiki: MATIC Rebounds, as SOL Falls Back Towards Support

Polygon climbed higher in today’s session, as cryptocurrency markets marginally rebounded on Wednesday. The global crypto market cap was up by nearly 1% prej čez dan, as Tuesday’s losses eased. Solana, po drugi strani, remained lower, as it fell

Noble Partners With Circle Financial to Integrate USDC on Cosmos Blockchain

According to the token protocol startup Noble, the second-largest stablecoin, USDC, will be integrated into the Cosmos blockchain, as the company has partnered with Circle Financial for the rollout. Noble details that the integration will give access to Circle’s USDC stablecoin

Multichain Wallet Bitkeep Raises $30 Million From Bitget to Strengthen Links Between Defi and Cefi

V sredo, the multichain wallet Bitkeep announced it raised $30 million from the crypto derivatives platform Bitget. Bitkeep now has an overall valuation of $300 milijonov, with goals aimed at strengthening the links between decentralized finance (defi) and centralized finance (cefi)….

Ustvarja dvanajstkratna zbirka ordinalnih napisov podjetja Yuga Labs 735 Bitcoin, Vredno več kot $16 milijon

Yuga Labs, ustvarjalci blue-chip nezamenljivega žetona (NFT) zbirka Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), sporočila, da je ekipa svojo Redni Napis dražba zaključila s skupno 3,246 ponudniki. Ustvarjena zbirka napisov Dvanajstkrat 735.7 bitcoin, vredno…

FTX Debtors Report $8.9B Shortfall in Customer Funds and ‘Highly Commingled’ Assets in Latest Presentation

marca 2, 2023, FTX debtors released their second stakeholder presentation, which contains a preliminary analysis of the now-defunct cryptocurrency exchanges shortfalls. The latest presentation reveals a significant shortfall, as approximately $2.2 billion of the companys total assets were found in

Največji premiki: SOL Rebounds From Recent Losses, ATOM 5% Higher on Friday

Cosmos raced higher for a second straight session, after recently snapping a four-day losing streak. Fridays move saw the token move closer to a key resistance level of $12.50. Solana also moved higher earlier in the day, as price bounced from

Smart Contract Tokens, Defi Economy See Strong Growth, Market Capitalization Swells by $78 Billion in 30 Dnevi

Smart contract tokens and the decentralized finance economy have been on a tear during the last month, gaining against the U.S. dolar. The market capitalization of the smart contract platform token economy has swelled by $78 billion over the last 30

Game of Thrones NFTs Sell Out Quickly, But Draw Criticism for ‘Poorly Drawn’ Characters

The cryptocurrency community is discussing the newGame of Thrones” nezamenljivi žeton (NFT) assets that were launched on the NFT marketplace The “Build Your Realmcollection sold out on Jan. 10, the day it was released. Vendar, tam so bili…