Morgan Stanley CEO Says Inflation Has Peaked and China Has Made a Major Pivot

Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman says two changes have happened recently thatreally matterto the economy. The executive explained that inflation has clearly peaked and China has made amajor, major pivoteconomically. Morgan Stanley’s CEO on U.S. Economy and

Uncertainty Surrounds Federal Reserve’s Future Plans for Rate Hikes

ZDA. Federal Reserve has raised the benchmark bank rate seven times during the course of 2022, leading many to question when the central bank will cease or change course. The Fed has stated that it aims to bring inflation down

Fed’s Inflation Nowcasting Data Shows Future CPI Increases, US Gross National Debt Hits $31 trilijon

A recently published forecast stemming from the Federal Reserve Bank of Clevelands Inflation Nowcasting data indicates upcoming U.S. consumer price index (CPI) metrics will likely be elevated. The newly predicted CPI levels were recorded the same day Americas gross national debt

Blockfi CEO Says FTX Has an ‘Option to Acquire’ Crypto Lender at a Price of up to $240M

According to Blockfis co-founder Zac Prince, the company has signed definitive agreements with the crypto firm FTX and the deal is currently up to shareholder approval. The deal represents a total of $680 milijonov, but Prince also noted that $240 milijonov…

Fed’s Minutes Report ‘Bludgeons’ Global Markets — Stocks, Kripto, Precious Metals Slip in Value

Minutes from the U.S. Državne rezerve’s policy meeting on December 14-15 show that the central bank is being persistent about unwinding quantitive easing (QE) tactics and that it views ultra-low interest rates as no longer necessary. Global markets immediately dropped after