Iran rudarjem vrača zaseženo opremo za kripto rudarjenje

A government body responsible for state property in Iran has released some of the hardware seized from illegal crypto mining farms. Its top executive explained the agency was obliged to do that by courts in the Islamic Republic, where unlicensed miners

Don’t Forget the Importance of Censorship Resistance

Since people are once again talking about self-custody as one of cryptos unique strengths, I would like to remind everyone about an equally important fundamental value proposition of crypto that, in the early days, was touted as the killer feature. jaz’m

Belorusija je zasegla milijone dolarjev v kripto, Trditve glavnega preiskovalca

Authorities in Belarus have mastered the seizure of cryptocurrencies, the head of the countrys Investigative Committee revealed in a recent interview. The high-ranking law enforcement official claims the state has already confiscated crypto assets worth millions of dollars. Companies Allegedly Help

Belorusija je sprejela pravni postopek za zaseg nedovoljene kriptovalute

Izvajanje nedavno podpisanega predsedniškega odloka, beloruska vlada je uvedla postopek, ki državi omogoča zaseg imetja digitalnih valut. Ta poteza bo organom pregona v Minsku podelila pooblastila za zaseg kripto sredstev, povezanih z nezakonitimi dejavnostmi. Justice

Russia Adopts Law Allowing State to Seize Illegal Funds, Digital Assets From Officials

The State Duma of Russia, the lower house of parliament, has passed a law permitting law enforcement authorities to seek confiscation of illegally obtained funds from government officials, including cryptocurrency. The state may attempt to seize the assets through court if

Kosovo Seizes Hundreds of Crypto Mining Machines in Crackdown

Police in Kosovo seized another batch of over 200 mining devices as part of raids that started on Thursday. The offensive against underground crypto farms was launched after authorities in Pristina banned the power-hungry minting of digital currencies amid an energy