ATPBot Launched a Real AI Quantitative Trading Bot

SPOROČILO ZA JAVNOST. Pred kratkim, ATPBot, the first truly quantitative trading bot, announced that it can now connect to the Binance API for trading, providing users with more opportunities to trade cryptocurrencies. By registering ATPBot, connect to Binance Exchange, enter your investment amount

Bitcoin Community Divided: Scaling Challenges Trigger Intense Debate as Mempool Overflows

Ta teden, the Bitcoin community has been abuzz with discussions about the network’s scaling challenges. As the blockchain’s transfer fees continue to surge, the backlog of transactions stuck in the mempool has hit an unprecedented high. Crypto enthusiasts have been sharing

Odvetnik pričakuje, da bo SEC izgubil, če bo tožil Coinbase zaradi 'usodne napake' lastnega izdelave Garyja Genslerja

A lawyer has explained why the U.S. Komisija za vrednostne papirje in borzo (SEC) will likely lose if the regulator takes crypto exchange Coinbase to court over alleged securities law violations. “The problem is entirely of Gary Gensler’s own making,« je poudaril. Lawyer

VC Darling Crypto Sui ustvarja valove s prvim nastopom na trgu, Cenovni umivalniki 37% Od All-Time High

A buzz has been generated around a new layer one (L1) proof-of-stake blockchain initiative named Sui, following the network’s mainnet debut on May 3, 2023. The native token SUI has been listed on various cryptocurrency exchanges, drawing attention to the project….

Nekdanji izvršni direktor Coinbase Balaji Srinivasan se zapira $1 Stava na milijon bitcoinov

Nekdanji glavni tehnološki direktor pri Coinbase, Balaji Srinivasan, predčasno zaključil stavo, da bo cena bitcoina dosegla $1 milijonov do sredine junija sredi hiperinflacije v ZDA. dolar. Srinivasan je plačal skupaj $1.5 milijonov, more than the initially

Bitcoin Cash Smart Contracts ‘Comparable to Those on Ethereum’ Possible via May Upgrade, ‘1000x Efficiency Advantage’: Dev Jason Dreyzehner

Pro-freedom technologies advocate and software developer Jason Dreyzehner recently spoke with News via email about the upcoming Bitcoin Cash network upgrade on May 15. One of the most talked about improvement proposals set to go through on that date —…

BRICS De-Dollarization Push, Kitajska, and Crypto Threaten US Dollar’s Dominance: Analyst

Fitch Solutionsglobal head of country risk has named the rising adoption of cryptocurrencies, the de-dollarization efforts by the BRICS countries, and China’s risingeconomic mightas key factors that erode the U.S. dollar’s dominance over time. He cautioned that China

Brazil and China Deepen Trade Integration to Move Away From US Dollar, as First Yuan-Based Settlement Is Processed

Brazil and China have reached a milestone in their economic integration, as the first bilateral settlement in Chinese yuan was completed ahead of the visit of President Luis InacioLulada Silva to China. The settlement, which was processed by the

Brazil’s President Lula Urges Developing Countries to Abandon Dollar as Global Reserve Currency

According to Brazil’s president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, developing countries should abandon the U.S. dollar and strengthen their own national currencies. During a speech at the New Development Bank in Shanghai, Lula expressed his nightly pondering: “Why do all countries

Warren Buffett Likens Bitcoin to Gambling and Chain Letters in Recent Interview

Finance mogul Warren Buffett, one of the most successful investors in history, discussed bitcoin during an interview on CNBCs Squawk Box on April 12. As he has done in previous interviews, the business magnate likened bitcoin to a gambling scheme and