Украина настаивает на членстве в Европейском партнерстве по блокчейну

Украина настаивает на членстве в Европейском партнерстве по блокчейну

Активисты и депутаты в Киеве призывают ЕС принять Украину в члены Европейского блокчейн-партнерства. Они считают недавно принятый закон “О виртуальных активах” opens the way for the country to become a blockchain leader on the Old Continent.

Kyiv Officials Hope Blockchain Technology Can Help Post-War Reconstruction of Ukraine

Members of theVirtual Assets of Ukrainepublic union and Blockchain4Ukraine, an inter-factional association of Ukrainian lawmakers, are lobbying for Ukraines full membership in the European Blockchain Partnership (ЭБП). Representatives of the two organizations have urged EU institutions to allow their country to participate in the initiative.

Letters with the appeal have been sent to President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, the head of her cabinet, Bjoern Seibert, and Anthony Whelan, who works as a digital policy adviser to the executive body in Brussels, the crypto news outlet Forklog reported.

The authors of the correspondence say that blockchain technology can significantly contribute to the reconstruction of Ukraine by facilitating the provision of cross-border services, after the military conflict with Russia ends. “EBP will accelerate this recovery, as well as support the further integration of Ukraine and the EU,” they have been quoted as stating.

Категория, a leader in terms of crypto adoption in Eastern Europe, was on the path of comprehensively regulating its crypto space when the Russian Federation launched its military invasion in late February. The Verkhovna Rada, Категория’s parliament, прошло the bill “О виртуальных активах” earlier that month. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy подписал it into law in mid-March.

The Ukrainian government has been relying on cryptocurrency пожертвования to address defense and humanitarian challenges. The officials behind the initiative to join the EBP are also convinced the new legislation will allow Ukraine to become aEuropean blockchain leaderin the future.

Last summer, Bjoern Seibert announced that the EBP member states were ready to explore granting Ukraine observer status. Однако, the full membership, which the Ukrainians insist on, would link the country to the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (ЭБСИ) that provides access to broader cross-border electronic services.

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