TooNFT надеется произвести революцию в индустрии вебтунов с помощью блокчейн-платформы следующего поколения

ПРЕСС-РЕЛИЗ. Given the rapid evolution associated with technological advancements and new developments regarding Web3 and dApps, TooNFT has decided to launch the decentralised webtoon platform in conjunction with Toomics, which happens to be one of the largest webtoon platforms in South Korea, and to begin gradually transitioning to a new era of applications constructed using blockchain technology, with the goal of bringing a new level of adoption for the IPs which are smoothly incorporated via the NFT standards.

TooNFT is the decentralised webtoon application, with the overall objective of bringing the greatest freedom and transparency to the entire industry. TooNFT aims to create a decentralised marketplace by proactively tackling market concerns for online comic fans and developing a transparent compensation system which is designed to support and motivate content creators. The primary purpose of the TooNFT Dapp is to facilitate the transition from centralised platforms to decentralised ecosystems, in which content producers may earn a fair return byNFTizingtheir webtoons and exchanging them in the P2P NFT marketplace.

What makes TooNFT unique?

The TooNFT platforms key features are intentionally aimed at addressing a market vacuum for online comic enthusiasts. The team is developing a platform that will include a content subscription service, community building elements, content selection voted on by the projects governance DAO system, NFT for content distribution, and profit sharing.

The content subscription service enables writers to publish content without having to pay a publication fee. The goal was to give subscribers more options while also increasing webtoon accessibility. Key performance indicators, reviews, opinions, stars, and so on are included here.

Community building entails the establishment of community pages in order to create a community inside the same platform. Users can express their views and opinions on community pages and assist in the development of fandoms. The team also intends to design incentives through which users can be encouraged to engage in community activities via awards purchased and distributed to posts and comments.

Кроме того, content selection via DAO governance will begin with team discretion and progress to being determined by votes in the DAO mechanism through decentralised governance. NFT infrastructure and a profit-sharing system will involve stakeholders who create, distribute, and consume material that is tied to the NFT earn a share of the revenues created.

более того, TOON tokens are used to power all of the aforementioned services on the TooNFT platform. The TOON token will be the primary unit, granting access to all services and features available in the TooNFT ecosystem. As a result, TOON token holders may stake tokens and receive rewards by voting in governance procedures.w

About TooNFT

TooNFT is the first blockchain-oriented decentralised Web3 platform, aspires to build an industry-leading platform for webtoons, manga, and comics, together with Toomics. Фактически, Toomics, one of the leading webtoon platforms with over 60 миллион пользователей, 22 million MAU, and up to 10 billion page views, is poised to revolutionise the industry by addressing the industrys most pressing pain points via blockchain technology innovations and bringing the TooNFT platform to a wider audience. Toomics also has a global presence and branches of it can be found in North America, Япония, Сингапур, Тайвань, and the United States. The key functionalities are therefore centred on facilitating direct exchanges between authors, readers, and investors without the need of an intermediary, developing a transparent reward system for investors and creators, and converting webtoons and manga works into tradable NFTs. Для получения дополнительной информации и регулярных обновлений, visit the official website or the SNS channels Твиттер В этом году известные автомобильные бренды и всемирно известные гоночные команды в большом количестве входят в пространство блокчейна и криптовалюты. Facebook.


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