Основатель Terra До Квон «надеется на строительство с помощью биткойнов» — проект, как сообщается, приобретает 125 миллионов долларов в BTC

Terra’s Founder Do Kwon 'Looks Forward to Building With Bitcoin' — Project Reportedly Acquires $125M in BTC

Недавно, Terra founder Do Kwon hinted at purchasing $3 billion in bitcoin to bolster the protocols reserves and according to a number of reports and blockchain analysis, Terra purchased $125 million worth of bitcoin on March 21. На следующий день, биткойн’s fiat value jumped to a high of $43,079 per unit and theres been lots of discussions concerning Terras reported bitcoin buy.


Reports and Blockchain Analysis Suggests $125 Million Bitcoin Purchase Executed by Terra

Категория 21, 2022, Биткойн-Tidings.com Новости сообщил on the Terra founder Do Kwon and his hints about purchasing billions in bitcoin (BTC). After being asked why the project was eying BTC резервы, Do Kwon said: “Bitcoin is the only hard reserve asset thats been proven out of the digital currenciesIt is very difficult for somebody in crypto to question bitcoin.

Following the report, the digital currency influencer Lark Davis tweeted that the Terra (ЛУНА) project had made its first purchase. “Luna makes its first purchase of bitcoin worth 125 million dollars,” Davis said. The crypto influencers tweet has been retweeted over 450 times and has close to 4K likes on Twitter at the time of writing.

Адам Фиксор, the purported $125 миллион в BTC purchase has been trending a great deal on social media. While there has been no official mention of the биткойн (BTC) purchase by Terra, a Gnosis safe address reportedly owned by Terra transferred $125 million worth of USDT to Binance.

The same day, BTC advocate and the director of growth marketing at Kraken, Dan Held, welcomed the Terra community. “I welcome all projects and protocols that want to build on Bitcoin/use Bitcoin,” Held твитнул. “Excited to see what [До Квон] and the Terra community will do.

Do Kwon responded to Helds commentary and replied: “Looking forward to building together.The co-founder of Stacks, an open-source smart contract platform for Bitcoin, Muneeb Ali also responded to Helds Twitter thread. “This is the way,” Muneeb Ali твитнул. “[The] Bitcoin community was welcoming to developers pre-2016. We can do the same now. Developers can use Bitcoin however they want, it only makes BTC stronger.

Terra Founder Do Kwon Insists Project Has $3 Billion in Funds Ready to Seed Reserves

Both земля (ЛУНА) and the networks stablecoin UST have seen significant growth over the last 12 месяцы. Year-to-date, LUNA is up 323% против США. dollar and the stablecoin UST is the fourth-largest USD stablecoin by market valuation with $15.6 миллиард.

Адам Фиксор, the co-founder and CEO of Blockstream, Adam Back, asked Do Kwon about where the billions of dollars were coming from. Терра’основатель ответил by telling the Blockstream executive that the organization has $3 миллиард в “funds ready to seed this reserve,” but he added thattechnical infrastructure (bridges etc) is still not ready yet.

более того, Терра’s founder also explained how the funds were raised by the Terra ecosystem and Luna Foundation Guard (СГ). “Это’с BTC or tether,” Do Kwon told Back on Tuesday. “1B was raised recently and 1.2B LFG raised by selling UST against tether, 0.8B or so left to go,” Терра’s founder added.

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