Технический анализ: Космос, Цены на Harmony выросли в субботу

Технический анализ: Космос, Цены на Harmony выросли в субботу

Космос (АТОМ) и гармония (ОДИН) были некоторые из сегодняшних’большие выигрыши, поскольку глобальная капитализация крипторынка выросла 1.23% чтобы начать выходные. Терра (ЛУНА) также был выше, продлевает свои недавние успехи на шестую торговую сессию подряд.


Космос (АТОМ)

Космос (АТОМ) is currently trading over 13% higher in today’сеанс, climbing to its highest level since February 17.

Saturdays rally in АТОМ/USD saw prices briefly breakout of the $29.10 resistance level, hitting an intraday high of $29.36 в процессе.

This surge comes as the 14-day RSI climbed to a five-week high, и в настоящее время отслеживается в 52.09, following a break above 50.40.

Сегодня’s high comes less than 24-hours after АТОМ was trading at a low of $25.27, as prices rallied back to support of $26.10.

Despite the recent descending triangle on this chart, price momentum has slowly begun to stabilize, with the moving averages trending sideways.

Many see this as a sign of a longer-term reversal, with some already targeting the $30.00 point.

Гармония (ОДИН)

The biggest gainer today was undoubtedly harmony (ОДИН), which has risen by nearly 20% in the 24-hours of trading.

На момент написания, ONE/USD rose to a high of $0.1612 on Saturday, following a second consecutive day of strong gains.

ONE was trading at a low of $0.1314 yesterday, which came as prices moved away from the long-term floor of $0.1249.

This was close to the lowest level for ONE since late September, and was followed by a surge to resistance at $0.1650.

The 14-day RSI is also currently tracking at its highest point in ten days, following a break from the 41.70 resistance level.

Should this momentum continue in this current direction, many bulls will likely be targeting exits at $0.2000.

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