Nexo Bitcoin Withdrawals Surge Following Raid of Bulgarian Offices

After the offices of crypto lender Nexo were raided in Bulgaria, the digital currency lending platform experienced a significant amount of withdrawals starting Jan. 12, 2023. An archived snapshot of Nexos real-time attestation shows that the company held 133,263 bitcoin on

Черные списки Coinbase закончились 25,000 Крипто-адреса, привязанные к российским физическим и юридическим лицам

The cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has addressed the companys procedures toward complying with sanctions in a blog post published on Sunday. The crypto firm says that respecting sanctions plays avital role in promoting national securityand the acts can help deter

Совет Федерации создаст рабочую группу по регулированию криптографии

Совет Федерации при законодательном органе Российской Федерации формирует рабочую группу, которая, как ожидается, предложит комплексные правила для криптовалют.. Представители ряда министерств и ведомств., а также члены страны’s расширяющаяся криптоиндустрия, присоединится к телу. Federation

Российские чиновники поддержали идею признания криптомайнеров предпринимателями

Cryptocurrency mining should be recognized as an entrepreneurial activity under Russian law and taxed accordingly, representatives of key ministries in Moscow and the parliament have indicated. Officials believe the regulatory move would benefit both the state and the crypto industry. Russian

Правительство России будет отслеживать криптовалютные транзакции с помощью антинаркотической организации

Russian institutions have responded to a call from а public movement for joint efforts to identify cryptocurrency transfers related to drug trade. The anti-drug organization, Stopnarkotik, recently asked the interior ministry and the central bank to investigate alleged connections between U.S.-sanctioned

Россия рассматривает возможность частичной замены долларовых резервов цифровыми активами в будущем

Amid ongoing sanctions, the government of Russia has been working to limit the countrys dependence on the U.S. доллар. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs now says its possible to partially replace the greenback in currency reserves and trade settlements with other

Россия, США в топе 3 для угроз, связанных с криптографией, Представлен отчет о кибербезопасности

Threats related to cryptocurrency have followed prices, decreasing significantly after the market slump in May, suggests a recent report released by a leading internet security firm. Detections fell by almost a quarter but Russia remains the most affected country, with the

Российский суд подтвердил ордера на арест 3 Основатели Финико

Tatarstans highest court has rejected appeals against arrest warrants issued for three co-founders of the notorious Finiko crypto pyramid. The top representatives of the Ponzi scheme, accused of large-scale fraud in Russia, are still hiding abroad, media reports reveal. Three