BIS Releases Report On ‘Project Icebreaker’ — Develops Cross-Border Retail CBDC Payment Model

The Bank for International Settlements (БИС) has released a report summarizing theProject Icebreakertrial, which explored the potential advantages and difficulties of utilizing a retail central bank digital currency (CBDC) in cross-border payments. The experiment was designed to test “в…

Israeli Startup Chain Reaction Raises $70 Million to Build Blockchain Silicon

Chain Reaction, a Tel Aviv-based blockchain startup, announced it has raised $70 million as part of its Series C funding round. The objective of the company is to expand its engineering staff to accelerate the production of its blockchain-focused silicon and

Starkware Plans to Open Source Key Tech Linked to Starknet Prover

At the Starkware Sessions 2023 event, held at the Cameri Theatre in Tel Aviv, Israel, Starkware co-founder Eli Ben-Sasson informed the audience that the company intends to open sourcekey techlinked to the Starknet Prover. During the event, the co-founder

Израиль запрещает сделки с наличными на суммы, начиная с $1,700

В понедельник в Израиле вступит в силу новый закон, вводящий более жесткие ограничения на платежи крупными суммами наличными.. Цель, как заявила страна’налоговый орган, заключается в улучшении борьбы с организованной преступностью, отмывание денег, and tax

Банк Израиля: Принятие CBDC не окажет существенного влияния на банковскую систему

Israels central bank says the publics adoption of the digital shekel is not expectedto materially affect the banking system.” Банк, Однако, warns that any issuance of such digital currency will likely result in a decline of the volume of

Израильская полиция арестовала владельца «Бейтар Иерусалим» и 7 Подозреваемые в многомиллионном мошенничестве с криптовалютой

Israeli police have arrested eight suspects in connection with a cryptocurrency fraud scheme after raiding their homes and seizing evidence. One of the suspects is Moshe Hogeg, a well-known owner of the premier soccer team Beitar Jerusalem Football Club. 8 People