Шиба-ину взлетает, сбивая Dogecoin на ступеньку ниже — 20 Держатели Собственные 75% снабжения SHIB

The meme-based digital asset shiba inu has entered the top ten largest crypto assets by market capitalization, knocking dogecoin down a notch. In the last 30 дни, the shiba inu token climbed 976% capturing a market cap of over $40 миллиард. журналист Лаура Шин опубликовала статью, в которой утверждается, что, the concentration of shiba inu whales is still quite large these days alongside the massive circulating supply of 549 trillion tokens.


Shiba Inu Taps All-Time Price Highs Knocking Down the Dogefather

This week the crypto asset shiba inu (ШИБ) достиг рекордно высокого уровня (ATH) on a few occasions, including today, during the early morning trading sessions. ШИБ’s ATH was around $0.00008616 and then the value subsequently dipped 11% below the high. ШИБ’s market valuation has soared to $40 billion and it has allowed the shiba inu token market to enter the top ten crypto assets. Shiba inu managed to knock dogecoin (СОБАКА) down a notch as well from the ninth position to the tenth.

SHIB is mostly traded with tether (USDT) these days as USDT commands over 76% of all SHIBs trades during the last 24 часы. SHIB/USDT pairs are followed by BUSD (13.13%), TRY (4.96%), EUR (3.10%), and USD (0.84%).

The top SHIB exchange today is Binance followed by Huobi Pro, Okex, Коинбейс, and Poloniex. Пока BTCs trade volume is around $45 billion on Thursday, ШИБ’s is just a hair lower with $41 billion in 24-hour swaps across the globe.

Shiba Inu Whale Concentration 75% за 20 Unique Addresses

журналист Лаура Шин опубликовала статью, в которой утверждается, что, там’s a whole lot of SHIB in circulation, even after Vitalik Buterin gave away 1 trillion tokens and the networks deflationary features. Today there are 549 trillion SHIB tokens in existence, which is far from being scarce like other crypto assets such as bitcoin. Биткойн’s whale concentration is far lower as the rich list is around 14.65% while SHIBs rich list is shockingly different. BTCs concentration by large holders, в соответствии с Into the Block stats, is only 11%.

Согласно с coincarp.coms data, 10 holders are hoarding 71.90% of the circulating supply. Снаружи 838,305 unique addresses (holders), 20 holders command 75.95% предложения. As the circulating supply of BTC on Wednesday is 18,856,937, it is much smaller than the 549,153,115,436,361 SHIB in existence today. The top 100 SHIB holders out of the 838,305 own 80.48% of the SHIB supply.

What do you think about SHIB making it into the top ten digital currencies by market cap and knocking dogecoin down a notch? What do you think about SHIBs concentration with large holders? Дайте нам знать, что вы думаете об этом предмете в разделе комментариев ниже.