Robinhood запускает программу подарков в криптовалюте

Robinhood запускает программу подарков в криптовалюте

Торговая платформа Robinhood запускает программу подарков криптовалюты, позволяя пользователям дарить несколько криптовалют, включая биткойн, Dogecoin, Категория, биткойн наличные, и лайткоин. Как и в случае с криптотрейдингом, gifts are commission free and users can gift as little as $1 in cryptocurrency.

Робин Гуд’s Crypto Gifts Program

Robinhood announced Thursday the upcoming launch of Robinhood Crypto’с “Cryptocurrency Gifts Program.

Users can gift as little as $1 in cryptocurrency, Робин Гуд’детали сайта, noting that it can take 3-5 days for the fund to settle. “Как и в случае с криптотрейдингом, gifts are commission free,” Robinhood clarified, adding:

Once youve customized your unique gift, you can send it directly to your special someone via a special link thatll go straight to their phone.

The crypto gifts program is expected to launch on Dec. 22. Однако, crypto gifts are not available in Nevada or Hawaii, Робин Гуд’s website notes.

Once the Sender selects and confirms the requested amount and the cryptocurrency, the sender is solely responsible for sharing a link to the gift, and the recipient can use this shared link to accept the gift,” Робин Гуд’s crypto gifts terms & conditions detail. The company added:

Just make sure your recipient has a Robinhood Crypto account to accept the gift within 14 дни. For gifts not accepted, no sweat; you wont be charged, and youll still get bragging rights that you gave out crypto for the holidays.

Robinhood Crypto currently supports buying, selling, and real-time market data for bitcoin (BTC), биткойн наличные (BCH), bitcoin sv (БСВ), Dogecoin (СОБАКА), эфириум (ETH), эфириум классик (ТАК ДАЛЕЕ), и лайткоин (LTC).

Supporters of the meme cryptocurrency shiba inu have petitioned on for Robinhood to list SHIB. Однако, Robinhood previously said that it is in no hurry to list another cryptocurrency.

Робин Гуд’s third-quarter transaction-based revenue totaled $267 миллион, с $51 million coming from cryptocurrency trading. Кроме того, 40% of its cryptocurrency transaction-based revenue for the three months ended Sept. 30 was attributable to transactions in dogecoin.

Earlier this week, Chainalysis announced that it has partnered with Robinhood to boost the trading platforms compliance ahead of its crypto wallet launch.

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