Хотя опыт казался очень простым: Twitter ведет переговоры с Илоном Маском, Аналитик говорит, что если не появится второй участник торгов, Маск приобретет компанию

Согласно многочисленным сообщениям от людей, знакомых с этим вопросом, Twitter ведет переговоры с Илоном Маском по поводу его предложения о покупке социальной сети для $46.5 миллиард. Sources detail that a number of Twitter shareholders allegedly reached out to the companys board after Musk detailed his financing plans last week.


Reports Say Elon Musk Could Acquire Twitter by the End of the Day

Three days ago, Биткойн-Tidings.com Новости сообщил on Elon Musks plans to improve Twitter which include removing spam bots and making sure free speech is allowed. Musk further detailed that he wants to make the account verification process easier. Однако, before Musk outlined his improvements and plans to secure the $46.5 billion needed for the acquisition, Твиттер’s board implemented aядовитая таблеткаplan to avoid the acquisition.

По сути, Twitter executed a shareholder rights plan in order to dilute the appeal of a takeover. The measure attempts to make it harder for Musk to acquire the company unless he increases his shareholder stake. Despite the poison pill plan and the backlash from a number of people against Musk taking over, three reports note that Twitters management is contemplating Musks offer now.

Блумберг, в Уолл Стрит Джорнал (WSJ), и Газета "Нью-Йорк Таймс (СЕЙЧАС) have all reported that people familiar with the matter say Twitters board is now engaging in negotiations with the Tesla executive. According to the reports, Твиттер’s board is interested in any ongoing regulatory investigations tethered to Musk and his companies and whether or not any investigations could impede the deal.

Sources Say MuskRemains Fluid and Fast-Moving,’ Analyst Believes Musk Will Takeover Unless a Second Bidder Appears

более того, Твиттер’s board is interested in the opinions of U.S. regulators and bureaucrats that may object to Musks takeover. The New York Times reports that the agreement is not final and theres definitely a chance it wont work. Однако, people with knowledge of the situation said “г-н. Musk remains fluid and fast-moving.

Musk is reportedly working with Morgan Stanley in order to acquire debt financing and he allegedly has $21 billion in cash reserves to leverage as well. В воскресенье, an analyst at Wedbush Securities, Dan Ives, said he believes Musks goal to own Twitter may be successful. In an investors note published this weekend, Ives said:

[This is] the beginning of the end for Twitter as a public company with Musk likely now on a path to acquire the company unless a second bidder comes into the mix.

Прошлая неделя, Musk also talked about Twitter integrating Dogecoin (СОБАКА) and that it could possibly be a payment option for Twitters Blue service. While most crypto assets have been in the red on Monday recording declines in fiat value, DOGE has jumped 6.24% during the last 24 hours since the news about Twitter engaging with Musk in negotiations went public.

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