Королевство Тонга может принять биткойн в качестве законного платежного средства, Говорит бывший депутат

Королевство Тонга может принять биткойн в качестве законного платежного средства, Говорит бывший депутат

Королевство Тонга может принять биткойн в качестве законного платежного средства, по словам бывшего члена Тонги’парламент, Лорд Фуситу’а, который написал в Твиттере о возможных сроках этого события. предохранитель’a believes that by next fall a bill will be passed by Tongas parliament and bitcoin could be legal tender in the region by November.


Former Member of Tongas Parliament Lord Fusitua Claims Bitcoin Bill Could Be Passed in Order to Make the Crypto Asset Legal Tender

Тонга’s chairman of the Commonwealth Pacific Parliamentary Group on Human Rights, Лорд Фуситу’а, is a bitcoin advocate and on January 11, он объяснил on Twitter that the Kingdom of Tongas government may adopt bitcoin as legal tender. The news follows El Salvadors push to make bitcoin (BTC) legal tender last year. A few months ago, the law was codified by the Salvadoran congress and BTC was deemed legal tender in El Salvador.

Лорд Фуситу’а, who was once a member of Tonga’парламент, claims the same thing will happen in Tonga. Адам Фиксор, an individual asked Lord Fusitua what the ETA was in regard to the Polynesian country legalizing bitcoin as tender.

Sept/Oct Bill goes to Parliament. Passed,” Лорд Фуситу’а replied. “[It gets] sent to Palace Office for submission to His Majesty for Royal Assent. A monthHM, as advised by Privy Council, assents to Bill. 2-3 Weeks Gazetted by Govt activation date set.

Лорд Фуситу’a added:

On activation date [биткойн] becomes legal tender.

Former Lawmaker Claims Bitcoin Bill to Be Submitted in the Fall, Лорд Фуситу’a Discussed Benefits of Tonga Adopting Bitcoin Last Year

After Lord Fusitua tweeted out the five-point plan, a person asked whether or notthe bill passed already, or is it still with Parliament and ‘прошло’ is the goal?” Лорд Фуситу’а replied to the question and said: “The Bill will be submitted to the House in Sept/Oct. [Parliament] opens for [а] new session in June. June by law = National Budget. By Law, July Constituency visits. By Law AugustGovts Legislative package for the year. By law, Sept/Oct Private MPs Bills may be tabled.

Это’s not the first time Lord Fusitua has hinted about Tonga legalizing bitcoin as tender in the country. В июле 5, 2021, on the podcast What Bitcoin Did episode 368, the former member of Tongas parliament explained how bitcoin adoption would be beneficial to Tonga.

The economy will first benefit by every customer having a disposable income increased by 30% and because our country imposes a 15% НДС, every person is putting an extra 30% into that 15% НДС, because theyve got an extra 30% disposable income just from the rails,” Лорд Фуситу’a said on the show.

On the podcast, Лорд Фуситу’a further explained:

Simultaneously with that extra 30%, там’s some are going to be saving it rather than putting it into the economy and stacking sats which will appreciate. For the first time, someone whos a village fisherman, and has been hand to mouth all his life, has a glimpse at possibly having savings that might be the foundation for financial freedom.

As of now, it is uncertain whether or not Tongas active parliamentary members and the Tongan people will be willing to adopt bitcoin as legal tender. While El Salvador passed the bitcoin law, который был enacted on September 7, 2021, there was some opposition toward the government’решение. С того времени, president Nayib Bukele and the Salvadoran government have been adding BTC to the treasury and a bitcoin mining farm powered by volcanic energy was introduced.

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