Эксперты Finder ожидают, что Солана превзойдет $1,100 по 2025, Более 5 000 долл. США 2030

Finder's Experts Expect Solana to Surpass $1,100 по 2025, Более 5 000 долл. США 2030

At the end of October, the product comparison website finder.com published new survey data about price predictions concerning the leading crypto asset ethereum. На ноябрь 1, Finders researchers published price predictions for the ethereum competitor solana, as Finders panelists predict the digital asset is expected to reach $235 by the years end and $1,178 by the end of 2025.

Solana Expected to Hit $1,178 по 2025

During the course of 2021, finder.com, an investing companion application and product comparison website, has been covering a number of popular crypto assets to survey what people think about future crypto prices. Finder researchers have covered price forecasts for digital assets like bitcoin (BTC), эфириум (ETH), and litecoin (LTC). На ноябрь 1, the company published a survey that polled 50-expert panelists stemming from the fintech and crypto industry about the crypto asset solana (соль).

Solana has seen a significant increase in value and has recently positioned itself as the fourth largest market valuation on November 4. соль’s market cap today is $72.4 billion and during the last month, SOL has gained 43%. Year-to-date, SOL is up a whopping 16,930% and the market valuation commands 2.54% всей криптоэкономики’s aggregate value ($2.85 trillion). The 50 expert panelists from Finders survey data indicate that the experts believe SOL will end the year at $235 per unit. Более того, SOL is expected to jump to $1,178 по 2025, according to finder.coms surveyed fintech specialists. В 2030, Finders panelists expect SOL to tap a high of $5,056 per unit.

Finders Expert Says Recent DDoS Attack Against SolanaIndicative of an Inherent Problem

51% of the surveys participants believe Solanas proof-of-history (PoH) network will dominate the Ethereum network over time. Однако, 40% of the experts noted that the recent DDoS attack Солана suffered was an issue. While 51% said PoH could have anedge over” Ethereum, 26% say it wont and the other 23% are unsure. Joseph Raczynski, the Thomson Reuters technologist and futurist, thinks SOL will hit $250 by the years end.

While vastly more centralized, Solana could perform well for less financially important asset tokenization projects,” Raczynski said in Finders survey. “If you need lots of transactions, but security is not important, Solana will eventually work.Coinmamas CEO Sagi Bakshi said that Solanas DDoS attack wasindicative of an inherent problemand estimates that by 2030, SOL will be trading for $50 per unit.

I have no idea if Solana will survive, nothing at this point can indicate that it will succeed,” Bakshi told Finders researchers. Johannes Schweifer, the CEO of Coreledger AG, claims the recent DDoS attack against Solana was merely ahiccupand stressed that other crypto asset networks have suffered fromsimilar teething problems.

“[Ethereum] experienced similar attacks in the past, tooIt went down in history as a hiccup. So will this past DDOS attack on Solana,” Schweifer insists. Однако, concluding the surveys commentary from the fintech specialists, Martin Froehler, CEO at Morpher, is sitting on the fence in regard to Solanas recent mainnet issue. Froehler also agreed with Schweifer and noted that it was ahiccupbut highlighted that ituncovered a much bigger fundamental problem with Solana: its lack of decentralization.

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