Enjinstarter объявляет об успешном завершении сбора средств и реализации проектов на ноябрь

ПРЕСС-РЕЛИЗ. Singapore-based Enjinstarter (EJS) has completed its Token Generation Exercise (TGE), raising a total of $500,000 via a collaborative fund raising effort over 4 launchpads namely Genesis Shards, Chainboost, Starter.xyz and Enjinstarters own launchpad. This followed a highly-successful, oversubscribed private sale that raised $5 Million from prominent Crypto VCs and highly influential angel investors from the Blockchain and Digital Assets industry.

According to Enjinstarter CEO, Prakash Somosundram, “Enjinstarter’собственный токен (EJS) presents an exciting opportunity for token holders who want to ride the massive trend of Blockchain Gaming and Metaverses. We are also honoured to have had the strong support of our investors who not just contributed financially, but also supported us through the introduction of key opinion leaders and also to quality projects to feature on our launchpad”.

With an impeccable track record of investing within the crypto gaming sector, the X21 Digital team values the long term viability of Enjinstarter in spearheading the growth and development of gaming startups in the Enjin ecosystem. We are pleased with their progress so far and look forward to the next generation of amazing blockchain games.commented Lester Lim , cofounder of X21 Digital.

A Strong List of IDOs in the Pipeline

Right after its TGE, Enjinstarter hosted the public sale of Defina (FINA) on the 11th of October 2021. Defina an online blockchain game that combines decentralized finance (Дефи), and NFT to allow players to own their gaming assets and monetize them through Play to Earn. Defina has been highly successful and has achieved more than 14 times the return on investment on its IDO price in less than a month.

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Enjinstarter is currently running Gaia Everworlds public sale which will happen from the 31st of October 2021. Gaia Everworld is the immersive, multi-region fantasy world in which players build their kingdoms, explore the lands, collect, breed and battle their Gaia Legionnaires. Gaia Everworld is part of the new generation of gaming being built on the blockchain which gives players full ownership of their characters, and rewards them for playing in aplay to earnmodel of gaming which has taken the crypto space by storm in 2021.

Enjinstarter is expected to host at least 7 projects in November including Pixelverse , Scotty Beam, Killbox, ZomFi, Playermon, One Rare В этом году известные автомобильные бренды и всемирно известные гоночные команды в большом количестве входят в пространство блокчейна и криптовалюты. Attackwagon.

We will continue to strive to find the best Blockchain Gaming projects for our community, and the best value that we can give each project would be to ensure they run a smooth and successful campaign and get all the necessary support they needcommented Prakash.

We are excited to be working with Prakash and the Enjinstarter team for our IDO. They have not been just partners but friends as well and are playing a key role in helping us realize the vision of our project and accelerate our investor readinessshared Guarav Gupta, Co-founder of OneRare-The First Food Metaverse Game.

Next Phase of Growth

Trading on Uniswap since 2nd of October 2021, Enjinstarter is currently trading at close to 16X ROI on the Public Price down from the all time high of 31X ROI achieved earlier in the month. Enjinstarter will also be introducing native staking on its platform soon to encourage long term investors to stake their tokens.

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They are currently preparing for a centralized exchange listing in early November 2021


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About EnjinStarter

EnjinStarter is a launchpad for Blockchain Games, NFTs and Metaverses.

They are focused on building an ecosystem for Enjin and Efinity.

Participate in all upcoming Initial Game Offering at www.Enjinstarter.com


Backed by Top Names & Institutional Investors

Enjinstarter boasts an impressive list of institutional investors including Enjin, Baselayer and many other global digital assets funds.. Notable angel investors and advisors include Maxim Blagov, Witek Radomski , Shashwat Gupta , Garlam Won , Gabby Dizon , Heslin Kim, Kelly Choo, Shitij Gupta, Melvin Yuan, Rakesh Gupta and Joni Kuiru.


Complete List of Institutional Investors:

Двигатель, Baselayer, Momentum 6, Arkstream Capital, AU21 Capital, Aussie Capital, Angleone Capital, Avalon Wealth Club, Boost Innovation Labs, Brotherhood Ventures, Basics Capital, Chainstride Capital, Crypto Dorm Fund, CSP Dao Network, Dutch Crypto Investors, Exnetwork Capital, Follow the Seed, HG Ventures, Hello Capital, Это’s Blockchain, Kangaroo Capital, Moon Whale Ventures, Oracles Investment Group, Otis Capital, Tag Ventures, Three M Capital, TK Ventures, Starter Capital, Skybridge 20 Ventures, Vendetta Capital, 6k Starter and 0x Ventures.


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