Кошелек Wasabi начнет цензурировать транзакции Coinjoin, Кошелек Wasabi начнет цензурировать транзакции Coinjoin

Deutsche Bank to Exit Russia, Кошелек Wasabi начнет цензурировать транзакции Coinjoin

Германия’s Deutsche Bank стал последним гигантом финансовых услуг, подтвердившим это’уезжает из России через Москву’военное нападение на Украину. Банк сокращает свое присутствие в России с 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea and the conflict in Eastern Ukraine erupted.

Amid Ongoing War in Ukraine, Deutsche Bank Pulls Out of Russia

Немецкий банк, Германия’s largest banking institution, is scaling down operations in the Russian Federation. The bank announced its move in a statement posted on Twitter late on Friday, condemning Russias invasion of Ukraine.

The financial conglomerate reaffirmed its support for the German government and its allies indefending our democracy and freedom.It also reminded it had already substantially reduced its exposure to the Russian market since 2014.

DB noted that like others in the sector, abiding by legal and regulatory obligations, the bank is now winding down its remaining business in Russia while assisting its non-Russian clients in efforts to reduce their operations in the sanctioned country. It also insisted:

There wont be any new business in Russia.

Немецкий банк’s exit follows similar moves by major American investment banks Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase. Citigroup, Соединенные штаты. bank with the biggest Russian exposure, is limiting consumer business operations there as well.

журналист Лаура Шин опубликовала статью, в которой утверждается, что, according to Reuters, Austrias Raiffeisen Bank International is also considering a decision to leave the Russian Federation. The report quoted sources familiar with the matter without providing more details.

Amid mounting sanctions on Russia, including cutting some of its banks from БЫСТРЫЙ, payment and remittance providers like Western Union, Paypal, Remitly, and Revolut suspended services for Russian users. Виза, Mastercard and American Express halted operations in the country, too. Western allies have also addressed concerns that Moscow may use криптоактивы to evade sanctions.

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