Центральный банк Гондураса дискредитировал спекуляции о законных платежных средствах биткойнов

Центральный банк Гондураса дискредитировал спекуляции о законных платежных средствах биткойнов

Категория 23, Hondurascentral bank issued a clarification on crypto assets such as bitcoin, and noted that digital currencies are not legal tender or regulated in the country. The announcement, posted via Hondurascentral bank official Twitter account, comes after lots of speculation about the Honduran president, Xiomara Castro, allegedly going to declare bitcoin legal tender in the country.

Despite Rumors, HondurasCentral Bank Says Bitcoin and Crypto Assets Are Not Legal Tender in the Country

В последнее время, там’это было a lot из rumors что claimed the 56th president of Honduras Xiomara Castro may legalize bitcoin in Honduras. Some reports even принято к сведению that an announcement may come from Hondurasgovernment this week orthe coming days.” Однако, в марте 23, the central bank of Honduras put the rumors to rest, as the bank’с утверждение notes that crypto assets are neither legal tender nor regulated in Honduras.

Bitcoin is a financial asset that exists virtually (also known as cryptocurrency), which at the moment in our country is not regulated and in most countries, it does not have the status of legal tender,” Hondurascentral bank letter explains.

Страна’s central bank further details that the central bank of Honduras is theonly issuer of banknotes and legal tender coins in the national territory.Hondurascentral banking systemdoes not supervise or guarantee the operations carried out with cryptocurrencies,” банк’s notice highlights. По сути, the bank points out that any transaction conducted with a virtual asset is the sole responsibility ofthose who carry it out.

While bitcoin and other crypto assets are not regulated or legal in Honduras, the central bank says that it is stillconsidering the importance of adopting technological innovation.The bank is continuing to study the technical and legal ramifications ofissuing a central bank digital currency (CBDC).”

A theoretical HondurasCBDC would havethe characteristic of being recognized as legal tender in the country and therefore is regulated and has the support of the [central bank of Honduras].”

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