Celsius разрешил продавать добытые биткойны, Клиент, который потерял 50,000 USDC настаивает на том, чтобы к ее регулируемым стейблкоинам относились по-другому

В августе 16, Криптовалютный кредитор Celsius Network был одобрен судьей суда по делам о банкротстве для продажи биткойнов, ранее добытых компанией, для продолжения финансирования определенных операций.. На следующий день, the company’s attorney detailed that Celsius has been offered cash injections, but the lawyer did not disclose who offered the funds and how much was presented.


Celsius разрешил продавать добытые биткойны, Lawyer Says Firm Approached With Cash Offers, Company’s Mining Operation Has 58,000 Mining Rigs Deployed

A Southern District of New York распоряжение суда signed by judge Martin Glenn on Wednesday and filed by courtroom deputy Deanna Anderson explains that Celsius has been granted the opportunity to sell bitcoin the company’s mining operation previously mined. In addition to offering crypto lending services, Celsius operated a bitcoin mining operation.

А court document from the company’s lawyer Joshua Sussberg explains that the crypto lending firm’s mining operations mined $8.7 million worth of bitcoin last month. The document notes that bitcoin sales occurred before the petition date on July 13, 2022, and Sussberg’s letter said Celsius had “approximately 58,000 [добыча] rigs deployed.”

Sussberg has also told the court that Celsius has received cash-injection offers but did not mention the interested parties or the amount of funds offered. The news follows Ripple Labs saying the company was interested in learning about Celsius and the crypto lender’s assets. Ripple’s statement stemmed from when the company was asked why it wanted to comment on Celsius’s bankruptcy court filings.

Celsius Customer Alleges That Centre Consitorium’s Built-in Safety Measures Should Have Prevented Her From Losing 50,000 USDC

Кроме того, a myriad of letters addressed to the Southern District of New York judge Martin Glenn continues to flood the court’s filings. One customer, the retired Carol Becht explained in her letter that she held 50,000 доллар США монета (USDC) on the Celsius platform. After doing some research about USDC’s backing and how Centre issues the stablecoin, Carol Becht said she could not fathom how her USDC just evaporated. The Celsius customer insisted that the stablecoin USDC should be treated differently because Centre and Circle Financial are regulated and licensed.

“I do not understand how Celsius USDC can just disappear given safety measures built into USDC by Centre, unless Celsius falsified information,” the Celsius customer wrote to judge Glenn. “I do not believe USDC should be treated the same as crypto holdings in Celsius given the above statements,” the letter to the New York judge concludes.

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