Падение турецкой лиры способствовало увеличению ежедневных сделок с криптовалютой в Турции до более чем одного миллиона

The popularity of cryptocurrencies in economically embattled Turkey has continued to surge with the number of daily trades now surpassing one million, a report has said. This surge in trades has been attributed to the depreciating lira which plunged to a

Крупная турецкая криптобиржа Coinzo закрывается

Coinzo, one of Turkeys largest cryptocurrency exchanges, is terminating its digital asset trading services. The platform said its website will remain online in the next six months to allow users to withdraw their holdings in cryptocurrency and Turkish fiat money. Другая…

Центральный банк Турции расширяет исследования, Готовится к тестированию цифровой лиры на новой платформе

The Turkish central bank has established a new platform together with technology stakeholders to further the development of a digitalized version of the national fiat currency. The new collaboration will allow Turkey to focus on expanding research and conducting tests of