Битмейн запускает 2,400 Megahash E9 Ethereum Miner в преддверии слияния

В июле 6, the crypto mining rig manufacturer Bitmain announced the launch of the highly anticipated Antminer E9 after revealing the device on April 15, 2021. The machine boasts speeds of up to 2.4 gigahash per second (GH/s) and Bitmain is

Хешрейт Ethereum достиг рекордного уровня на фоне обвала рынка криптовалют на этой неделе

Amid the crazy week in the world of cryptocurrencies and the Bitcoin networks mining difficulty reaching a lifetime high at 31.25 триллион, Ethereum’s hashrate tapped an all-time high on May 13, на высоте блока 14,770,231. Cryptocurrency miners continue to dedicate large

Соучредитель Ethereum Виталик Бутерин опубликовал «правдоподобную дорожную карту» решения проблемы масштабируемости

In recent times the Ethereum network has received a lot of criticism about the protocols data transfer fees and scalability. In a blog post calledEndgame,” published on December 6, the co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin discussed plans to improve scaling,…