French Lawyer Asks Russian Patriarch to Help Save Alexander Vinnik From ‘Political Trial’ in US

A member of the defense team of the alleged BTC-e operator Alexander Vinnik has called on the head of the Russian Orthodox Church to intervene in support of his client. The Russian national may be sentenced to over 50 years in

Адвокат предполагаемого отмывателя криптовалюты Винник призывает Россию обсудить с США обмен заключенными

A lawyer representing Russian IT specialist Alexander Vinnik has urged the government in Moscow to discuss a potential exchange of prisoners with the United States, where he was recently extradited. The French legal expert is convinced only a return to his

Crypto Mining Farm Uncovered in Russia’s Oldest Prison

Russian law enforcement officials are investigating a crypto mining operation at Butyrka, Россия’s oldest prison. A deputy warden has been accused of stealing electricity to mint digital coins with the help of unidentified accomplices. Deputy Warden Suspected of Mining Cryptocurrency in

Суд США приговорил основателя Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund к 7.5 Годы в тюрьме

The founder of two cryptocurrency hedge funds in New York, Stefan Qin, has been sentenced to 7.5 years in prison and three years of supervised release. He is also ordered to forfeit about $55 миллион. The Department of Justice (Министерство юстиции) сказал…