Bitcoin Miners Discovered 53,240 Blocks This Year, Foundry Led the Pack, Hashrate Tapped an All-Time High

As the new year approaches, more than a dozen bitcoin mining pools still dedicate a total of 238 экзахеш в секунду (ЭГ/с) toward the Bitcoin blockchain in order to secure the network and reap mining rewards. Statistics indicate that the mining

Хешрейт Ethereum достиг рекордного уровня на фоне обвала рынка криптовалют на этой неделе

Amid the crazy week in the world of cryptocurrencies and the Bitcoin networks mining difficulty reaching a lifetime high at 31.25 триллион, Ethereum’s hashrate tapped an all-time high on May 13, на высоте блока 14,770,231. Cryptocurrency miners continue to dedicate large

Хешрейты криптосети восстанавливаются после летнего спада — хэшрейт Ethereum достиг рекордного уровня

На ноябрь 2, 2021, the Ethereum networks global hashrate tapped an all-time high (ATH) в 873 терахеш в секунду (TH/с) or close to 1 petahash. Alongside Ethereums ATH, a myriad of hashrates have returned back to the highs the networks once