World Bank Report Forecasts Bleak Global Economic Outlook, Citing ‘Adverse Developments’ and ‘Long-Lasting Slowdown’

On Jan. 10, 2023, the World Bank published its Global Economic Prospects report, stating that the outlook for the global economy and future economic conditions is bleak. According to the report, 2023 growth forecasts have been cut across the board, с…

Виталик Бутерин осудил модель Plan B «цена Stock-to-Flow», Говорит, что модель может быть «вредной»

Уже несколько лет, псевдонимный создатель популярного сток-к-флоу (S2F) модель цены биткойна, План B, стал очень известным собранием влиятельных лиц биткойнов 1.8 миллионов подписчиков в Твиттере. Однако, after the S2F price model didnt come to fruition

Bitcoin Price Outlook for June — Market Conditions Show Uncertainty

Ten days into June, bitcoin continues to trade lower, with prices hovering close to a twelve-month low. Несмотря на это, there continues to be optimism around potential rallies in price over the next few weeks. Общий, there is still a lot of

Bitwise CIO говорит, что биткойн на 100 000 долларов - это сложный прогноз, Называет Ethereum «Активом года»

While theres been an awful lot of calls for bitcoin to reach six-digits in value in 2021, as the end of the year draws closer, it doesnt seem like $100K per bitcoin will happen. Bitwise Asset Managements chief investment officer Matt