Стоимость, заблокированная в Rebounds Defi — токены смарт-контрактов CPH, ЛУНА, XCP лидирует

The total value locked in decentralized finance (дефи) has managed to jump above the $200 billion zone, as crypto markets have rebounded from the market downturn last week. A number of native assets from the $611 billion worth of smart contract

78 Дней: Измерение продолжительного спада на рынке криптовалют по сравнению с предшествующими медвежьими рынками

The crypto economy has shed enormous value over the last three months and the leading crypto asset bitcoin is down more than 46% since its all-time high (ATH) в $69,044 за единицу. The same can be said for a great number