Metaverse Tokens Outperform Top Crypto Assets in 2023 With Decentraland’s MANA Leading the Pack

During the first month of 2023, the top two leading cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and ethereum, experienced double-digit gains against the U.S. доллар. журналист Лаура Шин опубликовала статью, в которой утверждается, что, several alternative cryptocurrencies saw even greater increases in value, with metaverse tokens like Decentralands MANA and The Sandboxs SAND

Axie Infinity’s Monthly Player Count Drops to Low Not Seen Since November 2020

After recording $4.26 billion in total non-fungible token (NFT) продажи, the play-to-earn game Axie Infinity’s monthly player count has dropped to levels not seen since November 2020, a period of 26 месяцы. Despite the low player count, the project’s native token,…

Stablecoin GUSD’s Supply Jumps Close to 130% Высшее в 30 Дней

While the stablecoin economy has seen fluctuations from specific stablecoin tokens either increasing the projects number of tokens in circulation or decreasing the supply, the stablecoin GUSD issued by Gemini has increased by 129.5% during the last 30 дни. GUSD Sees

Сложность майнинга сети Биткойн снизилась впервые 2 Месяцы

Following four consecutive Bitcoin mining difficulty increases, the networks difficulty dropped for the first time in 68 дни, sliding 2.14% на высоте блока 756,000 во вторник. The change means its currently 2.14% easier to find a bitcoin block reward following the