US Presidential Candidate RFK Jr. Says Bitcoin Provides An ‘Escape Route’ From Financial Turmoil

В понедельник, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. once again cautioned the public to be wary of central bank digital currencies (CBDC), and he insisted that the Biden administration has launched asteady barrage of hostile broadsides against cryptocurrencies.Kennedy, who recently filed

CATO Institute: CBDC the ‘Single Largest Assault to Financial Privacy Since Creation of Bank Secrecy Act’

A central bank digital currency (CBDC) may turn out to be thesingle largest assault to financial privacy since the creation of the Bank Secrecy Act,” a policy analysis document released by CATO Institute has said. To stop the U.S. Federal

‘Panic of 2023’: James Corbett Explains How Bank Crisis Could Lead to CBDC ‘Nightmare of Total Monetary Control’

Investigative journalist James Corbett has recently referred to the ongoing global banking crisis involving SVB, Подпись Банка, Credit Suisse and others as thePanic of 2023,drawing comparisons to what he views as historical precedents, and pointing ahead to an inevitable

Republican Congressman Tom Emmer Queries FDIC on Alleged Efforts to Purge Crypto Activity from US

В среду, Tom Emmer, Соединенные штаты. Republican congressman from Minnesota, revealed he sent a letter to Martin Gruenberg, the chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (ФКСД), regarding reports that the FDIC is “weaponizing recent instability” in the U.S. banking industry

BIS Releases Report On ‘Project Icebreaker’ — Develops Cross-Border Retail CBDC Payment Model

The Bank for International Settlements (БИС) has released a report summarizing theProject Icebreakertrial, which explored the potential advantages and difficulties of utilizing a retail central bank digital currency (CBDC) in cross-border payments. The experiment was designed to test “в…

East African Community to Decide on Regional Central Bank Launch in 2023

The East African Community (EAC) will decide during the course of the year 2023 when and where it will locate the envisioned regional central bank, the regional intergovernmental organization’s Peter Mathuki has reportedly said. The setting up of the regional central

Хотя опыт казался очень простым: Nigeria to Stop Cash Withdrawals From Government Accounts

From the start of March, Nigerian public officials will be barred from withdrawing cash from government bank accounts, the head of the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit reportedly said. Public officials that want to be exempted from this new regulation will have

Законодатели США говорят, что любой цифровой доллар должен быть открытым, Без разрешения, и частный

Nine U.S. lawmakers have raised concerns regarding the U.S. central bank digital currency project led by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. The lawmakers stressed: “Any U.S. CBDC must be open, без разрешения, and private.Congressmen Say Any US CBDC Must Be

RBI Begins First Retail Digital Rupee Pilot in 13 Indian Cities With 8 банки

India’s central bank, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), is launching its first retail digital rupee pilot on Dec. 1 with the participation of eight banks. The pilot will start in four cities and then expand to cover nine more cities

Королева Нидерландов Максима видит многочисленные преимущества цифрового евро

Королева Нидерландов Максима обозначила многочисленные преимущества цифровых валют центрального банка (CBDC) может принести, особенно в области финансовой доступности. “Governments could use a digital euro to channel financial support to low-income households. Это углубит долгосрочное включение,…