Швеции нужна энергия для более полезных вещей, чем добыча биткойнов, Министр энергетики говорит

Concerned about projected increase in electricity demand, the government in Sweden may turn its back on crypto mining, страна’s energy minister has indicated. Swedish bitcoin minting industry, a leader in Europe, is likely to soon lose the preferential treatment it

Количество разоблаченных незаконных майнинговых ферм в Иране приближается 7,000

Authorities in Iran have shut down close to 7,000 unauthorized facilities for cryptocurrency mining in the past two years, местные СМИ раскрыли. According to a report, most of the illegal bitcoin farms were concentrated in five provinces of the Islamic Republic,…

Антимонопольное агентство России предлагает повысить тарифы на электроэнергию для домашних криптомайнеров

The anti-monopoly service of Russia has suggested that Russians minting digital currencies at their homes should pay more for the spent electrical energy. The proposal comes after the submission of a bill tailored to regulate cryptocurrency mining to the Russian parliament….