Чарльз Хоскинсон из Cardano подписал меморандум с правительством Бурунди, Соглашение поставлено под сомнение

Основатель Cardano Чарльз Хоскинсон недавно подтвердил, что подписал меморандум о взаимопонимании. (Меморандум о взаимопонимании) с правительством Бурунди. Настоящее соглашение о взаимопонимании принадлежит Хоскинсону.’первое крупное предварительное соглашение, которое он заключил с момента запуска Cardano’Африканский тур в середине октября, 2021.


Meetings With Burundi and Zanzibar Leaders

Before traveling to Burundi, Hokisnson had visited Zanzibar where he held meetings with Hussein Ali Mwinyi, the island nations president. Однако, it is Hoskinsons Burundi visit that has helped Cardano to achieve its latest major agreement with an African state after it signed another deal with the Ethiopian government back in April 2021.

To break the news about his interactions with the Burundi government as well as Cardanos latest achievement, Hoskinson went on Twitter and shared some key moments of his Burundi tour. In his last tweet, он сказал: “Да, we signed a great MOU today.

In an earlier tweet, Hoskinsonwho has since changed his Twitter profile picture to one that features himself and the Burundi President, Évariste Ndayishimiyetalks about his meeting with the Burundi leader. Он сказал:

Great meeting with his excellency President Évariste Ndayishimiye about the future of Burundis digital transformation.

Agreement with Burundi Government Questioned

While many supporters of Cardano have applauded Hoskinson for his efforts, some opponents of the president of Burundi have, Однако, expressed reservations about the agreement. Например, one Reddit user named Diatery questioned Cardanos decision to hand over the blockchain to what he termed the wrong people. The user asked:

We know that Cardano wants to help reform Africa, so I looked deeper into what who Hoskinson is talking to. It didnt take long to see that hes handing tech to the wrong people. What kind of government is actually in power in Burundi, and who are these people that hes creating a partnership with exactly?

To substantiate these reservations about President Évariste Ndayishimiyes government, the user shares several supporting links including a U.S. правительство отчет on Burundi. Однако, other Reddit users argued that Hoskinson has no other option except to work with government officials. The user wrote:

You cant create public infrastructure without cooperation with public officials. If they are human rights violators, they are trash, but if the crypto game plays out as we all wish for, those autocrats sealing their own demise by catalysing adoption.

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