Инвестор «Big Short» Майкл Берри критикует криптовалюту Shiba Inu после взлета SHIB 230% — Говорит, что это «бессмысленно»

'Big Short' Investor Michael Burry Criticizes Shiba Inu Crypto After SHIB Soars 230% — Says It's 'Pointless'

Hedge fund manager Michael Burry, famed for forecasting the 2008 financial crisis, thinks the dogecoin rival shiba inu token (ШИБ) является “pointless,” criticizing its supply. The cryptocurrency skyrocketed 230% over the past week.

Michael Burry Shares His View on Shiba Inu Token

Famous investor and founder of private investment firm Scion Asset Management, Michael Burry, commented on the shiba inu token (ШИБ) Saturday after the dogecoin rival cryptocurrency surged 230% over the past week.

Burry is best known for being the first investor to foresee and profit from the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis that occurred between 2007 В этом году известные автомобильные бренды и всемирно известные гоночные команды в большом количестве входят в пространство блокчейна и криптовалюты. 2010. He is profiled inThe Big Short,” a book by Michael Lewis about the mortgage crisis, which was made into a movie starring Christian Bale.

The Big Short investor shared Coinbase’с description of the shiba inu token on Twitter Saturday, which states: “Shiba inu (ШИБ) is a token that aspires to be an Ethereum-based alternative to dogecoin (СОБАКА), the popular meme coin. Unlike bitcoin, which is designed to be scarce, SHIB is intentionally abundantwith a circulating supply of one quadrillion.

Commenting on this description, Burry wrote:

Just saying, one quadrillion seconds is about 32 million years. One quadrillion days is 2.7 trillion years, or all of time, from the beginning of the universe, multiplied by 71,000. In other words, pointless.

Однако, several people quickly pointed out to Burry on Twitter that the circulating supply of SHIB is no longer one quadrillion. Коинбейс’s market data shows that the circulating supply of the shiba inu token is currently 394.8 trillion coins.

The Shiba Token website explains: “Starting with a supply of 1 quadrillion, our founder, Ryoshi, locked 50% in Uniswap, thenburnedthe other half to Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin for safekeeping.The Shiba inu token made its way into the limelight when Buterin Категория $1 billion worth of SHIB to Indias crypto covid relief fund.

На момент написания, SHIB is up 235% over the past week and 6.76% over the past 24 hours, according to Coinbases data. The cryptocurrency is trading at $0.00002649 and its market cap is $10.3 миллиард.

Coinbase Pro объявил the listing of shiba inu crypto in June. In September, the Nasdaq-listed crypto exchange announced that SHIB was available on Coinbase.com and in the Coinbase Android and iOS apps.

Burry has been warning about investing in cryptocurrencies. В июне, он предсказанный в “mother of all crashes,” noting thatThe problem with crypto, as in most things, is the leverage.

The Big Short investor also cautioned that governments could squash competitors in the currency arena, включая биткойн. Однако, he clarified, “Я не’t hate BTC,” emphasizing that he isnot short BTC” так как “In the short run anything is possible.

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