Бренды Анимока, Yuga Labs дразнит секретный проект Bored Ape «на базе Apecoin»

Since the token was launched roughly three days ago, the digital currency apecoin (APE) has been a topical conversation within the cryptocurrency community on forums and social media. So far, just over 82% of the claimable APE has been claimed and 13,672 unique addresses have received APE from the airdrop. журналист Лаура Шин опубликовала статью, в которой утверждается, что, the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) creators have shared a video showing a BAYC metaverse with an assortment of other popular non-fungible token (NFT) characters.

Eligible Claimants Ape Into the Apecoin Airdrop, More Than 82% of Claimable APE Has Been Acquired

На этой неделе, там’s been a lot of focus on a new crypto asset called apecoin (APE) as it was introduced on March 17, 2022, by the Apecoin DAO. Биткойн-Tidings.com Новости сообщил on the Apecoin DAO and explained how millions of apecoin tokens were airdropped to NFT owners. More specifically, Apecoin DAO disclosed that “15% of the total supply of apecoin will be made available to [Яхт-клуб Bored Ape] NFT holders (Bored Apes and Mutant Apes, as well as BAKC dogs paired with either BAYC or MAYC).”

На момент написания, 82.25% of the claimable 15% of apecoins has been acquired by NFT owners. 15,182 unique addresses are eligible to claim APE and to date, 13,672 addresses have claimed tokens. Currently, apecoin (APE) has been hovering within the top 100 coin market caps today with a market valuation of $1.53 миллиард. In the grand scheme of the entire $1.9 trillion crypto economy APE represents 0.08% of that value. On Saturday, APE has seen close to $2 billion in global trade volume with Binance being the top exchange in terms of APE trade volume.

Yuga Labs Teases Metaverse Video With Popular NFT Characters, Animoca Brands Hints at Apecoin Secret Project

While NFT owners claim the rest of the APE that can be claimed and traders swap APE on exchanges, Yuga Labs has teased a video concerning the coins use case. “See you on the Otherside in April. Powered by @apecoin,” Юга Лабс’ statement accompanying the video explained. The video showcases a Bored Ape drinking a magic potion that brings him to a different world filled with other NFT characters.

As the popular song by the DoorsBreak on Throughplays in the background, the star BAYC character in the video is greeted by a submarine-like vehicle filled with NFTs that include Cryptopunks, Cryptoadz, Nouns, Яхт-клуб обезьян-мутантов (МАЙК), Крутые Кошки, World of Women (WoW), and Meebits characters. Категория 17, Animoca Brands tweeted that it had something up its sleeve in regard to apecoin (APE). The company stated:

Animoca Brands is excited to announce that well be adopting [apecoin] for the secret project weve been developing with [Яхт-клуб Bored Ape].

Бренды Анимока also left a link with the tweet to a URL called somethingisbrewing.xyz where people can register. The web portal showcases similar visuals that can be found in the recently teased Yuga Labsvideo. Visitors who want to register need to leverage the Metamask wallet but also get KYC-verified via Blockpass. The company is a KYC & AML screening software-as-a-service firm dedicated to crypto assets and decentralized finance (дефи).

The blockchain firm Animoca Brands revealed its collaboration with Blockpass in September 2021 when the company stated it was leveraging the firms KYC tool toverify NFT prize winners.Yat Siu, the co-founder and chairman of Animoca Brands, said Blockpass technology can bring ahigher level of complianceto the NFT ecosystem.

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