Digital Assets for 1 Billion Rubles Issued in Russia in a Month

Platforms authorized by the Russian government issued digital assets worth around a billion rubles in April, the local press reported. The spike in the volume has been attributed to Russian companies experimenting with new financial instruments amid limited access to traditional

Digital Assets Worth 2 Billion Rubles Issued in Russia in Less Than a Year

Digital financial assets (DFA) for a total exceeding $26 million have been issued in Russia in the past year. This new market has been developing since it was regulated in 2021 and the country’s monetary authority started licensing issuers in the

Crypto Exchanges Allow Russians to Circumvent Sanctions, Report Alleges

Major crypto exchanges have failed to prevent sanctioned Russian banks and traders from transacting, according to a blockchain forensics report. At least two established coin trading platforms continue to allow Russians to use their bank cards in peer-to-peer deals, the analysis

Digital Gold Traded for Digital Rubles by Russia’s Rosbank

Rosbank has brokered Russia’s first deal involving the exchange of tokenized gold with the digital version of the Russian national fiat currency, рубль. The successful transaction demonstrates the growing interest in digital financial assets and the need for digital ruble

Sberbank Set to Launch Decentralized Finance Platform Based on Ethereum

A recent report details that Russia’s largest financial institution, Sberbank, plans to launch a decentralized finance (дефи) platform in May. Konstantin Klimenko, product director of Sberbank’s blockchain laboratory, said that open testing will begin in March. Sberbank’s Defi Platform to Enable

Russia’s Sberbank to Allow Users to Issue NFTs on Its Blockchain Platform

Recognizing existing demand for non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, one of the largest banks in Russia, Sberbank, now intends to allow users to issue them on its blockchain platform. The financial institution also plans to cooperate with art sites and galleries across

Финансовые компании сообщают о первой сделке с цифровыми активами по российскому законодательству

Two companies have carried out Russias first transactions with digital financial assets as defined by the countrys current legislation. The deal involved the tokenization of debt issued by a third party and its subsequent acquisition. Russian Companies Conduct Issue and Placement

Генеральный директор Coinbase говорит, что простые россияне используют криптовалюту как спасательный круг, когда рубль рушится

Генеральный директор криптовалютной биржи Coinbase, зарегистрированной на Nasdaq, говорит, что простые россияне используют криптовалюту в качестве спасательного круга сейчас, когда их собственная валюта, рубль, рухнул. The executive also does not see a high risk of Russian oligarchs using crypto to

Сбербанк запускает первый блокчейн-ETF в России

Russian banking giant Sberbank has presented the countrys first exchange-traded fund (ETF) giving investors access to the blockchain space. The new instrument holds securities of companies dealing with cryptocurrencies and the technologies that underpin them. Sberbank Introduces ETF Tracking Blockchain Economy