12 Компании держаться рядом $700 Миллион в Ethereum в Treasuries

За последний год, там’Было много дискуссий о казначейских обязательствах биткойнов или о размещении биткойнов на балансах государственных компаний.. Однако, ведущий криптоактив по рыночной оценке — не единственная цифровая валюта, хранящаяся в казначейских обязательствах. Ethereum has become a prominent treasury asset as a number of companies are known to hold the second leading crypto in their reserves.

Ethereum Treasuries Have Grown

According to the список сокровищ биткойнов, exchange-traded funds, страны, public companies, and private firms own 1,559,047 биткойн (BTC) worth roughly $66 миллиард. While bitcoin is being stashed away by these entities, эфириум (ETH) is also held by funds and companies that believe in the crypto assets future. For instance, it was сообщил on Thursday that the fund manager Three Arrows Capital purchased 31,345 Категория. The same day, Столица Три Стрелы’s co-founder Su Zhu told Bloomberg he remains bullish about crypto investments.

The web portal cryptotreasuries.org shows data tied to 12 different funds and companies that hold эфириум. The data currently says the entities hold 212,875 ether worth close to $700 миллион. The biggest holder on that particular list is Galaxy Digital Holdings, as cryptotreasuries.org states that the firm holds 98,892 Категория at the time of writing. This would mean Galaxy Digital Holdings commands 46.45% of the 212,875 ether across the 12 entities.

The second-largest holder on the list is Ether Capital Corporation with 43,512 Категория. Корпорация эфирного капитала’s stash is 20.44% of the aggregate recorded on cryptotreasuries.org. Other notable holders on the ethereum treasuries list include Coinbase Global (31,787 Категория), Мейту (15,000 Категория), and Hive Blockchain (13,331 Категория). Theres also another ethereum treasuries list hosted on ethtreasuries.pory.app which has a number of different holders listed.

For instance, the web portal notes a lot of entities like M31 Capital, Gerber Kawasaki Investment Management, Лаборатории лица, Тепловая столица, and FD7 Ventures withundisclosedэфириум amounts. This particular list of ether treasuries is not up to date and some of the sources are questionable, in comparison to the list hosted on cryptotreasuries.org. Однако, the list hosted on ethtreasuries.pory.app does mention firms like Столица Три Стрелы and the Grayscale Ethereum Trust, both of which hold tens of thousands of ether.

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