Meta Brings Metaverse-Like 3D Ads to Facebook and Instagram


Meta is bringing interactive 3D ads to Facebook and Instagram feeds, inspired by the metaverse pivot the company has begun to execute since its name change. This is possible due to a new integration in Meta’s AR (Augmented Reality) publishing library with a development from a company called Vntana.


Vntana Integrates 3D Ads in Meta’s Apps

Publishers will now be able to include 3D models in their ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, that belong to Meta. This innovation will allow any publisher to include these metaverse-inspired ads in the feeds the platforms, with users being able to interact with the objects. The innovation was presented by a company called Vntana, which acts as a service provider so other companies can include their 3D assets in social feeds.

According to a press release issued by the company, Vntana has exclusive access to Meta’s AR API to integrate their services to be able to achieve this goal. “Just like regular ads, 3D ads appear in users’ Facebook and Instagram feeds displaying interactive 3D models that users can tap and interact with – moving the product around to view all angles,” the release details.

Metaverse Monetization

This innovation might be part of the first monetization strategies that include metaverse-like elements in Meta-owned platforms. On this, Ashley Crowder, co-founder and CEO of Vntana, stated:

3D and AR technology in online ads is the next frontier for brands looking to connect with the digital consumer and is a great first step into the metaverse.

She further stated that this release might bring democratization to the ad space in these platforms, given that now more companies can bring their products to pontential customers. Customers are also said to benefit because they can see a more detailed model of these products in a 3D, metaverse-like view.

Chris Barbour, director of Augmented Reality Business Development & Partnerships at Meta, declared:

3D and AR open a new door of advertising possibilities for retail and e-commerce brands, improving the customer experience from the point of acquisition.

Meta’s flagship AR app, Horizon Worlds, which offers a set of metaverse experiences for users, is currently not being monetized by the company. This technology might be used in the future to allow Meta to monetize and include ads from different brands in these spaces.

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