Meet The Man Behind Universe Island

PRESS RELEASE. Universe Island – the name in itself gives away a major hint of what the game beholds, that is, a whole metaverse offering a wide range of features! Universe Island is a play-to-earn game that offers a classic third-person, 1vs1 shooting theme experience. However, a key factor that adds dimension to it and takes your gaming experience to a whole new level, is the NFT integration, In-Game NFT Gallery and Augmented Reality and story-driven experience meant to be enjoyed by the players.

This game is unique and unconventional in terms of what it plans on providing for its audience not just in the game, but also beyond it. The team has worked hard to implement new features, unlike the ones seen by players on other free-to-play games, but beyond the game, it has plans to have an animated TV show that supports the narrative of the mysteries of each island (map) beholds. To begin with, the game would be launched in early March with only a few maps/islands to explore, but as time passes by, the team plans on introducing a lot more maps and mysteries to uncover!

Another feature to look forward to when it comes to Universe Island is the special currency of its own- the UIM token. These UIM tokens can be used for purchasing collectables in-game, staking or even for withdrawals on-chain. Furthermore, to spice things up, all these collectables that players purchase using the UIM tokens can be viewed and NFTs can be displayed on the exclusive Metaverse Gallery with Character walking you through the Gallery. Initially, Metaverse Gallery would act as a platform allowing players to walk through their share of in-game collectables and see all NFTs on a metamask, but hold tight, because the team claims to have a lot of ideas in store for the metaverse gallery in the future!

Universe Island offers various other features for their players, from the UIM tokens, the crypto rewards, the Metaverse Gallery, an open-world mechanism, to being the first free-to-play game of its kind that allows players to experience the chance of seeing their in-game virtual characters in their real-life environment through use of Augmented Reality.- the team did go all out to give a whole new experience to the players!

As one can see, Universe Island is not just any other game, but rather a rare experience for not just gamers or crypto lovers, but also for all who wish to explore the game-fi world!

About The Founder

Ladislav Liska, founder and CEO of Universe Island, is an engineer with history with complicated circuits till he discussed this idea of creating a metaverse with his colleague and decided to make it a reality!

The list of his self-taught high-level programming languages such as Python, SQL, Pascal and Delphi. He also has gained significant insight into the gaming industry and crypto market over the years of following and investing in activities around the crypto space.

The founder of Universe Island- Ladislav Liska hopes to have successfully conceptualized a game that brings together not just the gaming enthusiasts, but also the crypto community one platform where both parties can experience something new and worthwhile!

What started with just an idea that he discussed with his colleague has now become a vision shared by many team members who are working every day to make this dream a reality.

The team behind Universe Island consists of many hard-working and experienced individuals, each specializing in their subjects and field. All of these members combine their expertise to give you Universe Island.

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