Defiでロックされた値はによって膨らみます $7 十億, トロンのTVLスパイク 34.85%, イーサリアムが支配する 62%

をタップした後 2022 の低 $70 6 月の 10 億 19, ロックされた合計値 (TVL) 分散型金融で (定義) 以上増えました $7 十億. 過去 7 日間, the TVL in defi held within the Ethereum blockchain has increased by 4.47% as Ethereum’s TVL commands 62.92% dominance or $48.17 billion of today’s $77.11 十億. その間, Tron’s TVL skyrocketed this week, ジャンピング 34.85% during the past seven days.


This Past Week Tron’s TVL Jumped by Double-Digits, Smart Contract Tokens Rise, Dex Applications Command Today’s Top Defi TVL Positions

During the last week, six out of the ten top blockchains in defi saw their TVL stats increase by double digits. Ethereum jumped 4.47%, BSC increased 7.02%, Tron spiked 34.85%, Avalanche recorded a 2.81% 増加, Solana rose by 9.10%, and Cronos increased by 2.33%.

木曜日に, 7月 7, 2022, there’s approximately $77.11 billion locked in defi and that metric increased by 1.40% 最後の 24 時間. The largest defi protocol TVL is Makerdao’s $7.54 billion or a dominance rating of around 9.78%.

Value Locked in Defi Swells by $7 Billion, Tron's TVL Spikes 34.85%, Ethereum Dominates by 62%

Makerdao’s TVL dominance is followed by protocols such as Aave, WBTC, 曲線, Uniswap, リド, Convex Finance, Pancakeswap, Justlend, and Compound respectively. Makerdao saw a 1.56% increase this past week but the largest gainer in the top ten was Tron’s Justlend with a 90.15% spike last week.

Tron’s Justlend has $2.79 billion locked and at the time of writing, USDD supply deposits get 12.83% annual percentage yield (APY) and the borrow APY is 21.76%.

In terms of losses, the blockchain Fantom saw 6.7% leave the chain’s TVL and Arbitrum was the biggest loser out of the top ten list as Arbitrum’s TVL decreased by 11.01% 今週.

Value Locked in Defi Swells by $7 Billion, Tron's TVL Spikes 34.85%, Ethereum Dominates by 62%

Out of today’s $77.11 十億, 481 decentralized exchange (デックス) applications command $24.67 billion total value locked, 155 defi lenders capture $17.55 十億, と 22 defi bridge applications currently have $11.31 億ロック.

In addition to the rise in defi’s TVL across various blockchains, the top smart contract platform tokens have jumped 5.6% higher in the last 24 hours to $272 十億. This past week, イーサリアム (ETH) increased by 11.3%, BNB jumped 10% より高い, カルダノ (ADA) is up 1.6%, solana (ソル) is up 13.3%, and Polkadot increased by 2%.

The biggest smart contract token gainers this past week were counterparty (XCP) which jumped 25.3%, komodo (KMD) increased by 25%, and ubiq (UBQ) rose by 19.3% during the last seven days.

Cross-chain bridge TVLs combined lost 60.4% 最後の 30 days and Polygon’s bridge is the largest with $3.55 billion TVL. Polygon’s bridge TVL is followed by Arbitrum, 雪崩, 楽観, and Near Rainbow.

The top five digital assets leveraged on cross-chain bridge tech include USDC, WETH or ETH, USDT, WBTC, and DAI respectively.

今週, the worst TVL losses in decentralized finance stem from protocols such as Piggbank DAO, Metavault DAO, Houses of Rome, Jade Protocol, and Risk Harbor. The biggest TVL protocol increases in defi during the past seven days were recorded by Hermes Defi, Maple, Omni Protocol, OGX, and Strategyx Finance.

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What do you think about the state of the defi landscape today and the TVL swelling by $7 十億? 以下のコメントセクションで、この件についてのご意見をお聞かせください.


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