SEC in a Pickle: Crypto’s Tricky Trio Stirs Up Trouble in 2023

2023 is shaping up to be a painful year for the U.S. 証券取引委員会 (SEC) as it finds itself entangled in battles with the ever-evolving and innovative cryptocurrency industry. From Ripple to Coinbase and Tron, the SEC faces fierce

最大の発動機: TRX が 4 週間ぶりの高値を記録, MKRは2か月のピークに近いまま

Tron rose to a one-month high in today’のセッション, hitting a key resistance point in the process. The surge in price comes despite cryptocurrency markets trading mostly lower on Monday. Another exception to this decline was maker, which remained close to

最大の発動機: ドージは20日近くの高さ, TRONも急上昇するように

ドージは月曜日に高く取引されていました, 価格がほぼ最高レベルに上昇したので 20 日々. TRXも週を開始するためにグリーンでした, 価格が上昇し続けたので, 最近の強気の勢いに続いて. ドージコイン (ドージ)…

分散型ファイナンススライドに固定された価値 17% 最後に低く 30 日々

The value locked in decentralized finance (定義) protocols has lost 17.77% over the last 30 日々, falling from $221.67 billion to today’s $182.27 十億. さらに, statistics show the total value locked (TVL) across a broad range of defi protocols shed significant

TronDAOリザーブ購入 $38 StablecoinUSDDを保護するためのTRXの百万

5月 5, Trons algorithmic stablecoin USDD went live and so far, the fiat-pegged token has been listed on a number of decentralized finance (定義) protocols. Two days later, the Tron DAO Reserve announced it purchased 504.6 million tron (TRX) に…


4月に 21, Justin Sun, the founder of Tron, announced the launch of a decentralized algorithmic stablecoin called USDD. Sun said on Thursday that the USDD Network willprovide custody service for the $10 [十億] worth of highly liquid assets raised

ウクライナは今Polkadotを取ります, すぐに他のコインを受け入れると言います

Having already raised millions of dollars in major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ukraine is now receiving donations in polkadot as well. The country intends to expand the list of accepted coins as it increasingly relies on help from the crypto community to