Analyst Warns of Banks’ Authority to Confiscate Funds, Decline of US Dollar Purchasing Power

According to Lynette Zang, chief market analyst at ITM Trading, 私たち. banks have the legal authority to confiscate people’s funds due to legislation passed by Congress. 最近のインタビューで, Zang discussed how the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar has

Report Shows Financial Troubles Plagued Bankman-Fried’s Alameda Research as Early as 2018

Before FTX collapsed it was assumed that Alameda Research was one of the top quantitative trading firms and market makers within the industry. でも, much of that perception may have been a facade as a recent report details that Alameda suffered


メーカーダオ, 分散型自律組織 (ダオ) ステーブルコイン DAI を発行する, 以下を提供するガバナンス提案を承認した “米国に本拠を置く銀行からの担保統合。” Makerdao のガバナンス提案は、20 を超える多数の賛成多数で可決されました。 87%, and it gives the U.S….

Crypto Firm Voyager Digitalは、3ACエクスポージャーに対処するためにAlamedaVenturesから5億ドルのクレジットラインを確保します

3日前, Newsは、暗号通貨会社が債務を負っていると発表した後、上場企業VoyagerDigitalについて報告しました $655 百万相当のデジタル資産. 今ボイジャーからのプレスリリースによると, the company has secured funds


Santander is developing the possibility of offering loans backed by tokens that are collateralized in agricultural products. The bank has partnered with Agrotoken, a company that launched a series of agricultural commodity tokens already being used in agriculture-related markets to make


Bancoagricola, the biggest bank in El Salvador, is now accepting bitcoin to pay for debts originated from the use of its instruments, according to a PR statement. The institution partnered with Flexa, a payments network, to include cryptocurrency capabilities in its