Several Crypto Exchange Websites Taken Down in Kazakhstan

Financial authorities in Kazakhstan have targeted at least five online platforms exchanging cryptocurrencies outside the law. Documents, computer equipment, and cryptocurrency wallets have been seized during searches in the northern part of the country. Kazakhstan’s Financial Watchdog Goes After Unlicensed Crypto


Authorities in Kazakhstan have granted Binance a license to operate as a digital asset platform and provide an array of relevant services. While working out of the nations financial hub in the capital Nur-Sultan, the crypto exchange will offer registration to

銀行がカザフスタンでビットコインを購入, 暗号交換を開発する国

A financial institution and a coin trading platform in Kazakhstan have teamed up to carry out what they say is the countrys first such joint transaction for the acquisition of cryptocurrency. その間, カザフスタン’s leadership has declared readiness to further develop crypto


趙長鵬 (CZ), founder and chief executive officer of cryptocurrency exchange Binance, has announced the opening of an office in Romania. During a visit to the country, he met with high-ranking officials and emphasized Binances intentions to expand direct operations in


カザフスタンの当局は、仮想通貨に関連する違法行為に対する継続的な取り締まりの一環として、仮想通貨ピラミッドである疑いのあるマイニング ホテル事業の調査を開始しました。. プラットフォーム, Bincloudと呼ばれる, 人気のメッセージングアプリを通じて投資家を魅了. Bincloud

カザフスタンの警察がギャングを逮捕、IT スペシャリストに暗号ファームの運営を強制

カザフスタンの法執行機関は、IT 専門家に暗号通貨マイニング用の地下施設を脅迫と恐喝で強制的に運営させた容疑で、犯罪グループのメンバーを拘留しました。. 恐喝者は 50 万ドルを稼いだと言われています。. dollars a month from their

伝えられるところによると、Crypto Exchange WexDmitryVasilievの元CEOがクロアチアに拘留された

ドミトリー・ヴァシリエフ, co-owner and former chief executive of the now defunct Russian crypto exchange Wex, has been arrested upon entering Croatia, 地元メディアが報じた. The crypto entrepreneur is wanted by Kazakhstan where he is accused of stealing money from an investor….

カザフスタンが違法採掘を取り締まる, バスト 13 クリプトファーム

Authorities in Kazakhstan have gone after illegal crypto mining operations amid ongoing issues with electricity supply. Working together with law enforcement, 国’s energy ministry announced the closure of over a dozen facilities minting digital currencies. Government Shuts Down Unauthorized Crypto


1月に 11, 2022, ワシントンに本拠を置くビットコイン採掘事業ルクソールは、新しい特定用途向け集積回路の立ち上げを発表しました (ASIC) トレーディングデスク. 同社によると, ルクソール’s new trading desk will give miners and investors access to bitcoin ASIC mining rigs


ロシアの暗号通貨取引所 Wex の元最高経営責任者, ドミトリー・ヴァシリエフ, 今月初めにワルシャワでの逮捕から解放されました. The ex-head of the now-defunct coin trading platform has since returned to Russia while court proceedings against him in Poland