Binance Reportedly Removes Restrictions on Russian Users

世界’s largest crypto exchange, バイナンス, has lifted certain restrictions on Russian users, local crypto media unveiled. According to multiple reports, Russians can once again use their bank cards to make deposits and the trading platform has canceled a limit on

Binance Bans Russians From P2P Transactions With Dollars and Euros

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has introduced new restrictions for Russian users, in accordance with the latest European sanctions. The platform is restricting access to peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions in U.S. dollars and euros for traders based in the Russian Federation. Binance Prohibits US

Crypto Exchanges Allow Russians to Circumvent Sanctions, Report Alleges

Major crypto exchanges have failed to prevent sanctioned Russian banks and traders from transacting, according to a blockchain forensics report. At least two established coin trading platforms continue to allow Russians to use their bank cards in peer-to-peer deals, the analysis

仮想通貨ツイッターがハル・フィニーのアカウントを擁護, SBFはBinanceのCEOから言われたと伝えられています: 「さらなる損害」を引き起こすのをやめる — News Week in Review

Bitcoiners on Twitter recently pleaded with the CEO of the social media platform, イーロン・マスク, to preserve the account of late computer scientist and bitcoin pioneer Hal Finney. The outcry came after Musk announced that a mass of inactive accounts would


The European Commission’s commissioner for financial services has reportedly urged U.S. lawmakers to establish new rules to regulate the crypto industry. “We do need to see other players also legislating … We need to look at global regulation of crypto,” 言った…

CitiのFXストラテジストは、ユーロが下落する可能性があると述べています $0.86 マクロの混乱が続く場合

While the euro has found support between 0.96 に 0.97 nominal U.S. dollars per unit, foreign exchange (FX) strategists from Citi believe the euro could tap a low of around $0.86 against the greenback. While the dollar slumped on October 13,

Dapper Labs は、新しい EU 制裁の中でロシアのユーザーの NFT 操作を一時停止します

Canadian company Dapper Labs has blocked operations with non-fungible tokens (NFT) for Russian accounts. The move follows a new round of sanctions recently imposed by the EU which prohibit the provision of crypto-related services to Russian residents and entities. NFT Platform


An array of crypto-related services have been targeted in the latest round of sanctions on Russia approved by the EU. The measures are part of an expected tightening of the economic and financial restrictions in response to Moscows decision to annex

ロシアがEUのガスを遮断, Vitalik がビットコインのセキュリティについて語る, その他—Bitcoin.comニュースウィークのレビュー

今週はマクロ市場と地政学がニュースを独占した, ロシアがヨーロッパを遮断したことで’ガス供給, イタリア国債に賭けるヘッジファンド, および国際通貨基金’ザンビアに対する政府の救済により、クワチャがルーブルを世界に追い越すことができるようになった’最もパフォーマンスの高い通貨….


英国に本拠を置くデジタル銀行Revolutは、旧大陸の何百万人もの顧客に暗号通貨サービスを提供することをキプロスから承認されました. フィンテック企業は、規制当局の承認により、この島国に欧州の仮想通貨ハブを設立することが可能になると述べた….