Optimism Plans to Enhance L2 Scaling Network With ‘Bedrock’ Upgrade in March

The Ethereum scaling network Optimism, which operates as a layer two (L2) 通信網, announced plans to upgrade its network in March. The upgrade, namedBedrock,” aims to increase transfer speed, lower fees, and enhance compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)….

「ウルトラ サウンド マネー」 — マージ後の統計は、PoS 移行後にイーサリアムの発行率が急落したことを示しています

Months before Ethereum transitioned from proof-of-work (捕虜) プルーフ・オブ・ステークへ (PoS), a simulation of The Merge had shown the networks issuance rate would drop following the ruleset change. Statistics now show that the simulations predictions have come to fruition as the network’s…

ETH 2.0 契約を超える 9 ミリオンイーサリアムの価値 $28 十億

The number of ether locked in the Ethereum 2.0 contract has exceeded 9 million ethereum or more than $28 billion using todays exchange rates. The amount of ethereum locked into the contract has increased 22.29% since the first week of September

イーサリアムが燃えた 1.2 ミリオンETH 4 月, に近い $5 破壊されたエーテルの10億

With three days left until the end of 2021, the Ethereum network and its native token ether have had a phenomenal year as ether has increased more than 450% in value in 12 月. 145 数日前, 8月に 5, の…