柴犬の暗号コミュニティは、レイヤー2の立ち上げを期待しています (L2) パブリックベータが第3四半期に開始されることが明らかになった後のスケーリングソリューションShibarium. According to shiba inu developers Shytoshi Kusama and Ryoshi, the layer two solution will bring transaction fees down considerably and possibly to zero.


Shiba Inu’s L2 Solution Shibarium to Launch in Q3, Ethereum Whale Acquires 163.2 Billion SHIB

The meme token shiba inu (シブ) has seen a 33.6% gain against the U.S. dollar during the last seven days and much of the rise revolves around the Shibarium announcement. さらに, an ethereum whale purchased 163.2 billion SHIB 最後の 24 hours worth around $1.74 million using today’s SHIB exchange rates. There’s been a lot of discussion about the L2 scaling solution Shibarium on the project’s Discord server. と

さらに, the Unification Foundation, a team of developers behind Shibarium, revealed a few updates about the upcoming project. According to the Unification Foundation, Shibarium was launched in a private setting during the alpha testnet phase. The developers explained that the results were successful and “the primary tool under heavy development is the wallet application.”

The Unification Foundation’s Maziar Sadri further added:

The Shibarium Public Beta Testnet is planned for deployment in Q3, to coincide with the FUND Testnet upgrade which includes the much anticipated IBC/Gravity/wFUND updates. The public Beta Testnet will allow parties to fully interact with the network, including the validation process.

Year-to-Date SHIB Is up 56% Against the US Dollar

While シブ is up 33.6% during the last week, it is still 87.6% down from the all-time high the token saw in October 2021. これにもかかわらず, year-to-date, the SHIB token is still up 56% today against the U.S. ドル. 執筆時点では, SHIB holders making money at the current price is around 23% according to Into the Block statistics. SHIB has a large concentration of whales as Into the Block metrics indicate that SHIB’s concentration of large holders is roughly 81%.

SHIB also has a burn strategy that aims to make the crypto asset more scarce by allowing people to burn SHIB in the burn portal. While burning helps reduce the SHIB supply there’s 589,390,205,650,282 SHIB in circulation today. While shiba inu has gained more than 33% during the past week, 10.1% was gathered during the last 24 時間.

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What do you think about the upcoming Shibarium launch? 以下のコメントセクションで、この件についてのご意見をお聞かせください.


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