RaribleNFTマーケットプレイスはTezosブロックチェーンを統合します, UbisoftDigitsをサポートします

水曜日に, 代替不可能なトークン (NFT) マーケットプレイス Rarible は、プラットフォームが Tezos ブロックチェーン ネットワークをサポートするようになったことを発表しました。. 移動はRaribleに従います’11月中旬にFlowブロックチェーンプロトコルと統合, and the NFT marketplace now supports a total of three blockchain networks.


8th Largest NFT Marketplace Rarible Adds Tezos Support

レアブル says it has expanded its multi-chain compatibility as it now supports a total of three blockchains which include Ethereum, フロー, and now the Tezos proof-of-stake (PoS) ブロックチェーン. The strategic alliance with Tezos allows Rarible to provide users the ability tomint low fee and energy-efficient NFTs, and support secondary sales of projects live on the Tezos ecosystem,” 会社’s announcement explains.

Rarible is the eighth largest marketplace in all-time sales, according to dappradar.com statistics, と $260.45 million in sales across 88,258 traders. The NFT marketplace originally started its services leveraging the Ethereum network but in mid-November, レアブル ローンチ support for the Flow blockchain. The team revealed intentions to create multi-chain compatibility at the end of June, after Rarible raised $14 投資家からの百万.

レアブル’s announcement details that theTezos ecosystem has gained significant traction from leading brands, artists, creators, and sport franchises as the place to mint low cost and energy-efficient NFTs.The Tezos blockchain recently made headlines when video game giant Ubisoft revealed an NFT platform built with Tezos. ユービーアイソフト, the owner of the game franchisesAssassins Creed,” “Prince of Persia,” “Rabbids Invasion,” と “Just Dance,” recently released collectibles calledDigits.

Secondary Support for Ubisofts Digits

Rarible details that secondary support for Ubisofts Digits will be added. “Through this collaboration, Rarible will immediately support secondary sales for Digits: NFTs originating from legacy video game company Ubisofts recently launched NFT platform on Tezos. Digits are high-quality, in-game collectibles with active utility value for players, and the first energy-efficient NFTs playable in AAA games made possible through TezosPoS network,” the company explains.


In celebration of this exciting integration, Rarible and Tezos will also launch an inaugural collection, Blazing Futures, curated by Diane Drubay. Blazing Futures is a drop featuring work from ten Tezos-based artists that will be available exclusively on Rarible starting today.

Rarible will join the NFT marketplace Hic et nunc, which also sells Tezos-based non-fungible token collectibles and is operated by the communitythe founder left. Hic et nuncs sales have declined since the recent transition but the marketplace still managed to process $53.05 million in all-time sales among 53,711 traders. In addition to Rarible and Hic et nunc, Tezos also has the NFT markets Objkt.com and Kalamint. Just before the Tezos integration, Rarible launched a messaging application on November 29.

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