代替不可能なトークン (NFT) 今週の売上高は一貫して維持されていますが、暗号経済は過去7日間でより多くの損失を被りました. 前の週, $152.9 NFT の売上は 100 万を記録しました 18 ブロックチェーンと過去 1 週間, $154.3 million in sales were executed. While Ethereum saw the most NFT sales this week, the chain saw a 9.23% decline in ether-based NFT sales volume.


NFT’s Avert This Week’s Crypto Downturn as NFT Sales Saw a Modest Increase

執筆時点では, approximately $154,366,090 in NFT sales were recorded across 18 different blockchains and the metric is roughly 0.96% higher than the week prior. The NFT collection ボアドエイプヨットクラブ (ベイク) saw the most sales out of all the NFT collections with $13,292,929 in sales, 上 1.01% during the last seven days.

During the past 24 時間, the BAYC floor value has dropped to 85.99 ETH ($90K) また 1.2% lower than the day before. 以上 158 取引, BAYC saw 99 buyers this week purchase Bored Ape NFTs.

NFT Sales Stave off Crypto Market Downturn This Week With a Slight Uptick in Volume
Seven day NFT sales data via on July 2, 2022.

The second collection with the most amount of sales this week was Sorare と $11,293,496. Sorare sales jumped 201% higher than the week prior across 142,903 transactions and 13,492 バイヤー. Sorare is followed by Otherdeed which has seen an increase of around 63.65% in weekly sales or $10,112,650 in sales volume.

While Ethereum’s overall sales ($107,656,971) were 9.23% lower than last week, a number of other blockchains saw a surge in weekly sales. ファントム saw the largest increase this week as NFT sales jumped 10,616% on the chain this past week.

パニーニ recorded a 228.58% 増加, BNB saw a 148.97% spike, と Flow blockchain NFT sales swelled by 112.53%. 13 の外へ 18 blockchains saw NFT sales increase during the last seven days while chains like Ethereum, Palm, 決断, Cronos, and OEC all saw declines.

The most expensive NFT sale this week was その他の行為 6 which sold for 249.46 ether or $309K. 退屈な猿 211 sold for 194.97 ether or $232K and 退屈な猿 2,896 sold for 166 ether or $205K. The top five most expensive NFT sales this past week consisted of one Otherdeed sale and four Bored Apes.

公海 was the top NFT marketplace this week with $113 million in sales but sales are down 17.24%. Opensea is followed by X2Y2 と $15.33 million in NFT sales and 魔法のエデン recorded $15.04 million in sales.

After being the second-largest NFT market by sales volume months ago, 今週, ルックスレア now commands the fourth largest NFT marketplace in terms of sales with $7.12 100万, down 3.66% since the week prior.

The largest floor price increases during the past 24 hours stem from NFT collections like Impostors Genesis Aliens, 失われた詩人, スニーカーヘッズ公式, 小さな英雄, and Creature World.

6月に 20, 2022, NFT 30-day sales were down 74.44% but monthly sales prior to July 2, are down 65.15% which means sales have seen a slight improvement.

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