NFTの売上高は今週下落しました, クロノスNFTボリュームジャンプ 236% より高い, あずきコレクションが盛り上がる

NFTの売上高は今週下落しました, クロノスNFTボリュームジャンプ 236% より高い, あずきコレクションが盛り上がる

Last week, non-fungible token sales saw an improvement after tumbling week after week in terms of sales volume. This week, NFT sales are down 2.15% from last weeks $544.6 million to this weeks $539.2 million. The top NFT collection in terms of weekly sales was the Azuki compilation of collectibles, as the project saw a 318% increase in sales during the last seven days.

Weekly NFT Sales Drop 2%, Cronos and Solana NFT Sales Spike

Data stemming from the non-fungible token (NFT) economy indicates that sales are down this week by 2.15%. Statistics indicate that NFT sales across 16 different blockchain networks recorded roughly $539.2 million in sales this week. Metrics from show that the blockchain Ethereum captured most of the weeks sales with $443 million settled. However, Ethereum-based NFT sales are down 7.36% this week.

The blockchain with the most NFT sales this week is Cronos as the network obtained $1.3 million in NFT sales, up 236% in the last seven days. Following Cronos was Solanas sales, なので $44.7 million in NFT sales stemmed from the Solana network. Solana-based NFT sales are up 96% this week, which is followed by Binance Smart Chains 86% sales increase this week. The two biggest losers in terms of seven-day NFT sales include the blockchain Polygon down 51% this week, and the blockchain network Waves saw a 92% drop in sales.

Azuki Collection Takes the Top Sales Position This Week, Art BlocksNFT Fidenza #692 Sells for $993K

The top collection this week in terms of sales volume was Azuki, as it captured $50.2 million in seven-day sales. Azukis NFT sales were followed by Bored Ape Yacht Club ($45.9M), Mutant Ape Yacht Club ($38.9M), and World of Women Galaxy ($36.1M) in terms of total weekly sales volume. Other notable NFT collections in the top ten this week as far as sales are concerned include projects like Muri, Crabada, Clonex, World of Women (WoW), Cryptopunks, and the Bored Ape Kennel Club.

The top NFT sale this week was the NFT Fidenza #692 from the Art Blocks NFT collection, as it sold for 320 ether or $993K three days ago. クリプトパンク #7971 sold two days ago for 235 ether or $733K, and Bored Ape Yacht Club #3250 exchanged hands for 250 ether or $720K during the beginning of the week. Additionally, theQueen of PopMadonna recently acquired Bored Ape #4988 for 180 ether or $564K at the time of settlement, and the American rapper Wiz Khalifa bought Bored Ape #1506 for 115 ether or $364K.

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